Thursday, March 31, 2011

Only Music Here

No lambs. Yet. I think that Dolce is getting close. She looks like she must be terribly uncomfortable. The lamb is definitely dropping. However, I haven’t seen any tell tale signs yet. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow is their due date and Dolce seems like the sort of ewe who follows the rules… When other sheep run out of the barn just for the sheer naughtiness of it, she stays and eats her hay.

My banjo came yesterday and nearly the first thing I did was break a string. Brent got me a set of replacement strings today and I am already learning my first song. I have the first part of it almost down. Tomorrow I may try to play along with the cd. I had no idea that banjos were so very heavy! Glad I got an open back and not one with a resonator. I was nearly sweating blood today getting the new string in and in tune. I was worried about snapping it like I had the previous one. I was trying to get all the strings in tune when it snapped on me. I am so glad I decided to learn to play the banjo!

Monday, March 28, 2011


The sheep were sheared on Friday. They are now SMALL. Before Friday afternoon, when they were in the barn, there seemed to be no room to move around. Here are my poor, cold sheep:

Dolce, Portia, and Esme

Portia, Ruby, McLean and Skye

Naturally, at picture time, Lucy was being a bit silly and didn't get in the pictures. Today I will starting working with the fleeces. Brent built me a rack for skirting and drying (after washing) the fleeces. Skirting is when you remove bits that aren’t good. Hay, poo, felted bits, short bits that you couldn’t spin.

AND we are waiting for the lambs to arrive! Expect some lamby cuteness around here fairly soon. Dolce and Portia are the only ones bred this year, so my lambing will be short. I am anxious to see how many they will have and what color they will be. Of course, their color can change, too. Lucy went from being an adorable little black and gray sheep to being my adorable gray sheep. She is darker than the others. I will be interested to see what color it is as it grows out. This time of year is also the only time you can see all of Skye’s spots.

I haven’t been knitting much lately. Too many other things going on. My brand new banjo should be here on Wednesday. Jenna over at Cold Antler Farm is giving banjo lessons on her blog, so I decided to learn along. Best of all, Knitter #2 and I will be able to play together! I am not sure if I’ve mentioned here that she is learning to play the fiddle. We are both going to be learning by ear as soon as the banjo gets here. And I have finally broken down and am getting a new camera. I’ve wanted a dslr type camera for a long time. I always talked myself out of one because they are so expensive. Then a few weeks ago, I watched one of the girls running with a kite. All I could think was that I wished I had one of those cameras so I could have a whole series of photos of her running with that kite.

This is how my garden is coming along:

Mostly too cold and wet to get much done outside, but this is our start for the gardening year.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just To Cheer Me Up.....

I am way past due for posting around here. Lots of interesting things have been happening here. New dryer. Maggie’s birthday. Inability to find a sheep shearer. And that is a big one. Never thought it would be that big of a problem.

How about some pictures of sheepy, goaty cuteness?

The goats always seem to really want me to take their pictures. It's like they are saying "we're the good animals, see how cute we are?" (Ha! I have stories...)

This is Kisses. She belongs to my daughter in so many ways. They are both so girly.

The sheep. Most of them, anyway. They are not being anti social. They are watching a dog make an a** of herself. That would be Maggie.

McLean. Maggie's best friend in the whole world. A BAD sheep. He and Maggie destroyed a gate having good clean fun last year. Bad dog + bad sheep boy = destroyed property.

My Lucy. Lucy chose me. To be chosen by a sheep is special. I think I love Lucy more than any other animal I own. Look at that face! How could anyone not love her?! If I weren't against keeping livestock in the house, she would SO be living in my house. Lucy is the sweetest little thing in the whole world. When I first met her at Stonehaven Farm, she kept seeking me out. I would scratch under her chin and she would run away. And then she would come back. She was born last spring, so she isn't full grown yet. Right now, she is the smallest sheep. Soon, she will not be. On April 1, Portia and Dolce are due to lamb...