Sunday, April 03, 2011

What Happened on the Night of April 1st...

These little guys were really, really brand new when I found them Friday night. I never did see any big signs from Dolce. I’d been watching her all day. When I went out to shut them up and feed them, I found 2 little ram lambs. One wasn’t even all cleaned off yet. Since they are rams, they will probably not get names.

My new camera came Friday, too. I hope that my pictures will be really great now. I stayed up late last night reading the book to it. It is Canon Eos T2i. So far, I am in love with it. I’ve wanted a dslr for so long. It arrived just in time for soccer. Our first game is tomorrow night.

Today we did this:

We got in all the rest of the steel posts for our pastures. We have a few wood posts to set and then lots of fence to stretch. This project started about a year ago. I took that picture standing normally, just for the record. I hear sheep love running up hill just like fire does. Fortunately, not all of the pastures are that steep. However, they are still mostly sloping and our sheep and goats are expected to help keep the shepherdess’ house from burning down one of these summers when lightning starts a fire. We need more sheep. Let’s all pray Portia has ewe lambs.