Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallow E'en

I hope you have all survived Halloween. Trick or treating was last night here, so for us, it is over. All except the candy binge. I prefer to let them eat it all as quickly as possible rather than meting it out over weeks. I just want it gone. And we mostly go to the relatives and call it good. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of candy. I do like to tell myself other kids get a lot more candy than our kids do. It makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Now that the costume sewing is over, I can get back to knitting. I will post some pictures pretty soon, but today I just don’t feel like doing anything that remotely feels like work. The costumes came out great. I feel the need for a wool sweater. I have one my brother gave me that I’ve been wearing out to take care of the animals. It is a scratchy Woolrich sweater he didn’t want anymore. He thought I might want to felt it. I probably will when I get something different to wear. Wool is the best in cold weather. I’ve knit several sweaters out of cotton blends in the past few years, but they are better in the spring when it is warmer. First though, mittens for the girls. I’m down to half a thumb and one mitten to go

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Esme and Lucy

Where have I been the past few weeks? Nursing the finger that Maggie helped me break the morning after my last post. Typing was a real difficulty until the past 3 or 4 days. I was shutting a gate when Maggie hit the end of her lead and it started slipping from my fingers. I started tightening my grip and the lead popped off my ring finger. And then I felt the pain. It is amazing how some little thing like that can suck everything out of you. My finger wasn’t broken so bad that I needed to go get it set. At first I even thought it was just a momentary pain that would go away in an hour. What really happened was I went and shut the sheep in the pasture and then went to the house. It sapped all my energy and I spent most of the morning laying around. It has not been fun.

These friends should prove to be fun:

New Girls


Esme and Lucy are 2 of 4 sheep I bought Sunday. The other two, Portia and Dulce, stayed at the farm to be bred to a ram whose name is Loki. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself that I should have renamed Skye “Loki”.


The new girls have caused loads of excitement around the barn. Today, Esme and Lucy get the barn and barnyard to themselves. Lucy is very brave and confident. Esme is not so much. She’s very skittish and will need more time to get used to things. Lucy is a very special sheep because she chose me. Almost as soon as we were in the barn with her, she came up to me and made friends. She is so sweet and so pretty. She was born this spring, so chances are that she will look differently after her first shearing. I love her ‘collar’. Shetlands are the prettiest sheep!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Biscuits with butter and homemade blackberry jam. Yum. I am not sure that sausage or bacon can improve that breakfast. Brent thinks differently. Men.

He’s been back to working on this little project:

A sheep barn. Hopefully it will be somewhat done soon. I would like to add some more ewes to our little herd before winter. He had just started the project when he got hurt and had to stop work on it for several weeks.

This year it was kind of devastating to not have a garden. I decided I could at least try a fall/winter garden. I’ve planted one bed:

I am also working on cleaning out the cold frame Brent built for me a few years ago. He’s never finished it but has now promised to get the lid fixed up for it. I am planning on planting spinach and lettuce in it. According to what I read today, I have planted nearly everything way too late. All I have to lose is seeds. The experiment begins…

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Introducing Sylvester

It’s been a while since any of the animals appeared here, so earlier this week I took some pictures of them:

Meet Sylvester. He joined our herd a few weeks ago. He is half Nigerian Dwarf and half miniature La Mancha. Which means he’s really more than half N.Dwarf. His father was not registered, but his mother was. Maybe we’ll get a registered herd sire some day. Sylvester’s job is to be handsome and keep us in babies. Every night, as I force him into the barn, I tell him it is his job to protect his women folk. He wants to tell me that he doesn’t like them and they really aren’t very nice. Little does he know how they will one day think he is the hottest, hunkiest dude ever.

This is Kisses and Hugs. They and brother Stanley are now hornless. In this picture they really wanted to know what the camera was for. It might have been edible.

Sylvester and Stanley. And the sheep. Sheep like to eat. Just ask the goats. Sylvester thinks sheep might be nicer than other goats.

And here is Skye. Mr. Cool. He’s the leader of the sheep. King of the connivers, really. Those three are always conniving.

The three that are now hornless are pitiful looking. Next year, my brother can hold the goats while I run the dehorning iron if he is around to help me. Otherwise, Brent will have to seriously toughen up. Taking them to the vet left them not feeling too great for a day or two. They’ve been staying in the yard for several days. They go back to the barn at night.

Tonight, all the animals are shut in the barn. The coyotes have been coming in very close the last few nights. I am pretty sure they trying to figure out how to get in and get all my delicious smelling livestock. Even though our barnyard is well fenced, last night I worried about the sheep. It sounded like there were at least 5 of them and I was thinking how nervous they must be making the sheep. If the coyotes don’t drift away real soon, I’m going to get a shotgun after them. They’ve never been a problem for us before, but we are experiencing an explosion in the rabbit population. And that means there are probably going to be more coyotes around to cause problems. Last night, Brent got up for another reason, and the coyotes split. I want to sneak out in the dark and shoot the shotgun off. Maybe they’ll get the idea and not come back. Coyotes are very, very smart animals and know how to take a hint.

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Witchy Hour Approaches...

It was a busy week and I didn’t get to sew like I wanted to. Our dvd player decided to give up the ghost in the middle of a movie. Not just any movie. A movie the kids were watching. They were a bit disgruntled. Wednesday, Knitter #3 and I went on a mission for a new one. Now we are back in movie watching bliss once again.

I have managed knitting this week. Here are the things I’ve been working on:

Brent’s hat. It is this Boyfriend Hat. (There are several on Rav)

Oooooo. My monkey sock came out of a long hibernation recently. Let’s see if I can finish this one AND the second one, as well.

Today I started this:

Another crocheted Wolverine hat. This one is a cool spiral pattern that I love. It is called Moriarty and has adorable flowers you can make for it. I may have to have one for myself.

And look what came here today:

We’re going to make some herbal cures this weekend. I’ve always wanted to make stuff like lip balm, and this is the weekend I’m going to get started.