Hair Care

If you want to grow your hair really and truly long, you need to take extra special care of it. Here are my tips for getting your hair extra long:

Don't dye your hair.
Don't use heat on your hair.
Don't shampoo your hair every day.
Eat right.

If you take care of yourself, your hair will grow. If you want to have hair down to your bottom, chemicals are not your friend any more than the curling iron and blow dryer are.

A few of the things I do:

I don't wash with shampoo. I use conditioner. Believe it or not, it gets my head clean and I don't smell funny. I smell like coconut. *sadly I've had to quit the coconut conditioner because ALL of my skin has issues with coconut oil. Very itchy.  Back to shampoo. Currently looking for a new conditioner to use*

I put oil in my hair. Right now, I am using olive oil and sweet almond oil. Not all oils will absorb into your hair, but those two and a few others will. I hold my palm on top of the bottle, tip it upside down and then back. This does not spill loads of oil all over the place. There will be a little bit on your palm. Rub your palms together and then smooth the oil onto the ends of your hair. My method is to sandwich the hair between my hands.

I wear my hair up in buns or braid it to protect it from damage. If you don't know how to do these things, see YouTube.

At night, I keep my hair braided so that it doesn't tangle. If I wore it in a braid that day, I just leave it when I get ready for bed.


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