It has been a busy while here. Summer and fall get to be an incredibly busy time around here. School starts, a birthday happens, wood has to be hauled and stacked.  But all this time, knitting has been happening!

Like this adorable bear cowl:

It is available in toddler to adult sizes.  My twelve year old loves all things cozy, soft, and cute.  She was really pleased with it.

Back in September my dog, Maggie, and I were just returning from a run when we were challenged by some neighbor dogs on our own driveway.  They were 2 pyrenees guard dogs.  We haven't seen them since, so I think they had escaped for an adventure.  But they meant business.  I managed to run them off by running at them, yelling, and throwing rocks.  Maggie has been an only dog for a long time. Most of her experiences with other dogs have been bad.  After that experience, she didn't even want to stay outside in her own, well fenced yard. I decided we needed to get her a companion, and thought I would keep my eyes and ears open for a border collie puppy to be her pal. However, a few days later, a friend posted on Facebook about a border collie pup they had found at a local reservoir. At first, when I talked to them, I didn't want him.  It kept eating at me, so we took Maggie to meet him at their house. She actually seemed to like him.  We brought him home a couple days later.

This is Waddie.  He came to us with zero manners.  Like put his feet on the kitchen counters almost as soon as he came in the house no manners.  The only things he seemed to know were not to use the house for a bathroom and sit.  And he knew sit because my friend taught it to him.  The first couple weeks were pretty terrible, but he has learned pretty fast. The vet thinks he is about a year old. Maggie thinks he is pretty awesome half the time.

Today is November 1, so I am excited because it is Wovember.  I love natural fibers for my clothes.  In the winter, I prefer wool for keeping warm.  In my next post, I will talking about what kinds of wool I wear to keep warm working outside in the winter.  Have a great day!


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