Monday, October 29, 2007

The Cinchy Hat

I think after I’m done with all this costume making, I need to make my poor kids some new dresses. My oldest has grown so much since spring that she can’t wear any of those dresses without pants or shorts under them. The younger one is just flat out bigger. It just blows me away how much faster she grows than her big sis did. Anyway, I decided I would use up some old fabric I have. They are fall colored plaids that I bought back in the dark ages. We used to live in the shop at my mother-in-laws property. It is a very nice shop that they used for a business they had at one time. I used the fabric for long curtains to separate our bedroom space and to cover all the tables we used to make our kitchen area. I enjoyed living in an alternative space, but it was sure nice to move into a house and have a bedroom to put our then 6 month old in.

Here is a picture of the Stripy Scarf finished:

And this is the beginning of the Cinchy Hat:

Once I am done with the increases, I have to start making the holes for the ribbon to run through. This hat pattern has 2 sizes, so I am making the smaller size.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Finished Something!

Well, the Stripy Scarf is finished. I haven’t woven the ends in yet. I am already on the third stripe of the matching Cinchy Hat. It is a piece of cake after the long rows on the scarf. Maybe some pictures tomorrow.

The Christmas sock is going speedily too, but I need to check the pattern and make sure I don’t make the leg too long. It’d suck to run out of yarn wouldn’t it?

I picked up a couple new books in spite of the fact that they weren’t on sale at Joann’s. Only the Leisure Arts books were on sale. I thought that was kind of annoying that my ad didn’t say it was Leisure Arts books, it just said knitting, crochet, and quilting books. If I think of it later in the week I will tell you what I think of them. I haven’t really looked at one of them yet.

Besides finishing up the scarf, I’ve been working on our Halloween costumes. It has gone grand since I got all the little things I needed on Friday. Maybe we’ll get pictures of the costumes, too. And speaking of Halloween, we are nearly out of candy again. Obviously, I will have to get more. Especially since I have a friend who won’t be able to enjoy her daughter’s haul this year. She’s having surgery tomorrow and will be on a liquid diet for a week or so. I told her I would send her a Halloween package after she is able to enjoy goodies. That is so cruel that she won’t be able to steal the kiddo’s best stuff. That’s what Halloween is for isn’t it?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad Week, Good Dolly

What a pleasant week I am having. A list of reasons why:

1. Some BEAST has devoured 4 ducks and 8 or 9 chickens here in the past 2 weeks. I can no longer let them out in our well fenced yard.

2. A piece of the girls’ Halloween pattern went missing. I have to buy a new pattern to make their costumes.

3. I ran out of red thread and can’t sew my costume.

I am probably getting permanent scowl lines from this week. Something has to go right starting tomorrow. I hope.

Anyway, I made a little doll for my daughter’s birthday. I drew it up one day and then almost forgot to cut it out and get it made for her birthday. Here she is:

Sewing her hair on was the hardest part. I stuffed her with the help of a pencil to push all the stuffing down those long, skinny legs and arms.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Project Progress

I was a bit wrong about the dates of the sale at Joann’s. I can’t get any new books until tomorrow. Yesterday turned out to be a great scouting foray. Lest you all think I left that store with nothing, I did make some modest non-book purchases. They had the IK Holiday magazine on the racks and I made a fun little discovery in the quilting department. They have these kits you can get to make a quilt and they had one that screamed ‘little girls’ bedroom’. I picked up two blocks yesterday and plan on getting a few more this weekend with my handy dandy coupons. Sitting in the Joann’s parking lot is so punishing for Brent. Hee hee.

And I have some project pictures. My stripe-a-day plan is working out pretty well:

My sock picture didn’t turn out as well, but here it is:

I think I am going to aim for an inch a day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Books

So how about some pictures of my newest knitting books. They both have me rather excited:

Handknit Holidays has 3 or 4 things in it that I just HAVE to make. The Nicky Epstein book is like all the other ones I have seen. I love all the examples. It shows various samples before felting and after so ou have an idea of what things should look like. There are quite a few patterns. I want to make all the fruits and veggies for my kids to play with. Yes, felted fruits and veggies. There is even a section about felting sweaters and making things out of them. The Vogue sewing patterns used to make items in that section are listed which is nice. There are also 2 pages of bag handles you can felt for bags. I think it has the how-to’s of felting as well.

The Stripy Scarf is coming along. I’ve been trying to get one stripe a day on it. That is a lot of knitting. 2400 stitches to be exact. Each stripe is 8 rows containing 300 stitches. I’m enjoying it. I don’t usually get much enjoyment out of scarves. I knit for at least 10 years before I made my first scarf. Heck, I’d been knitting for a long time before I knit anything other than sweaters. And I ‘ve only made one dishcloth in all these years. Save the simple things for last I guess!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Please Slap Me

What a busy weekend we had. Our birthday party was followed by a bonfire at my in laws with Brent’s little brother. Saturday his sisters came and we went to birthday party for their uncle. He is 75. My father in law was his twin, but now he shares a birthday with our youngest. It was a fun and touching party. Some people got drunk. I was a designated driver, so I wasn’t one of them. Many of uncle Jimmy’s friends from high school were there. How cool is that?

I have started some socks for my Dad for Christmas with the Trekking. I haven’t used it before, but I already love it. I’m using a pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks called Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks. I really like the way the colors are looking so far. These socks look very similar to a pair she has in Folk Socks. Ravelry has several pair of them made with Trekking, which made me breathe easier. I kept worrying about running out of yarn.

I am in serious need of a good slap. One of you needs to come by my house and slap the hell out of me. I keep buying all these knitting books. Last Friday I went into JoAnn’s and they had more knitting books. Probably in preparation for the sale they are having this weekend where all the quilting, crochet, and knitting books will be 40% off. I fully intend to go back this weekend and get me some on sale. I’m going the first day so that there is hopefully a good selection. There is one I have my eye on, and hopefully no one snatches it before I get there. See??? I seriously need a slap.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Birthday

Today has been a busy day. Tomorrow is Knitter #3’s birthday. She will be 2. The presents are all wrapped. I sewed up her dolly and finished her poncho today. No pictures. Maybe Saturday. I still have to bake the cake and decorate it. I need to at least bake it and get frosting on it tonight. I won’t have lots of time tomorrow. I have my art class and I have to get balloons. You can’t have a birthday without balloons, ya know.

Anyway, here is some more of my loot:

This yarn is destined to be socks for my Dad and Brent. I got 2 balls of it, in case you might think I am delusional thinking I’ll get 4 socks out of one ball of Trekking.

And then there is this little bit of delight:

I love this book. It is so cute and downright adorable. I want to make the dinosaur sweater and the steam shovel sweater. I am reasonably sure I could talk the girls into dinosaurs, but I am not sure about the heavy equipment. Everything in this book is just so cute and there are even toys. I already know which sweater I am making for which kid for this coming spring.

Halloween is coming. Yesterday we bought fabric for costumes. Saturday we will be decorating for Halloween. We have to make ghosties for our scary haunted tree.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stripy Scarf, yarn, and books

Here is the Stripy Scarf in progress. The brilliant blue is about the brightest yarn that will show its face on this project. I don’t think the red is as bright. It is starting to go faster now. I find it utterly bizarre that the morning glory it is draped on is growing like crazy right now. It only started to really grow about a month ago. I don’t what it was doing all spring and summer.

This is my new yarn:

This is the Noro Silver Thaw that I ordered from WEBS. It is beautiful and I love it. I can’t wait to knit it up into a shawl. It feels lovely. It is Wool/Angora/Nylon. The sun does not do justice to how bright some of the colors in it are.

Lately, I have become a book ho. I keep buying all these books. I ordered birthday and Christmas books for the kids. Naturally, I had to throw a few knitting books in. They had kids patterns. It was more for them than for me…. Yeah, right. I will show them off a different day. I had these coupons and I was in Joann’s. My local store isn’t a hot bed of knitting books just now, but I did find this one and liked it:

It has been on my amazon list for a while. It has sizes up to 10 year olds. However, I am pretty sure that I can wear something like half of the sweaters in the book. I’ve even picked out one to make just to see.

Remember all those cute little chicks I showed you pictures of this spring? Well, one of them is going to have to be executed. We have this cute little evil rooster. Yesterday he started attacking our daughter. He didn’t even want to back down from me. Until I booted him and chased him with a plastic shovel, that is. We haven’t had problems with roosters being mean in the past. Not to the kids anyway. We’ve gotten rid of roosters that were mean to the ducks or other chickens. We run a pacifist bird commune here, no meanies allowed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I have a bad case of finished object-itis. Painful, but I will persevere. I have finished some Christmas gloves and a couple pocket creatures. I may change the eyes on the striped pocket creature if I can find better buttons tomorrow.

The Stripy Scarf is plodding along. When I make a color change tonight or tomorrow, it might be worthy of a picture. Right now it is just a scrunched up bunch of garter stitch. I am anxious to see how it looks once I get the colors together. The recipient likes blue, so I tried to work in more blue than the pattern actually uses.

Lone Knitter commented that Mariah is a pretty sweater. I fell in love with the cabled sleeves when I saw it. Mine is going to be violet instead of black, though. I think cabling is lost on dark colors. It shows up so much better on lighter colors.

This week my art class starts again. I can’t wait to go. I can get away from both of my children at the same time. Having some time away from them makes me a much better and happier mom. It is just amazing what a few hours free of whining, shrieking, and telling can do for a person.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Birthday Knitting

I am currently in a birthday knitting marathon. I have two weeks to complete some presents for Knitter #3. It seems to be going well. This is what I started today:

It is a poncho pattern that must have been one of the first ones they put up. I made it for my niece that year when ponchos were the rage. I am using the leftovers from that project, some fun fur and boucle yarn.

I’ve been doing something I’ve no business doing. Thinking about what I want to knit after I finish my Christmas knitting. Really, I should just leave off thinking about it and just knit. I’d be done so much sooner. I actually do enjoy my Christmas knitting. However, when I start thinking that I HAVE to do something, I start to not want to do it. I want to put it off or not work on it. Anyway, I can’t decide which thing to knit. Accordion, Accordion, Crinkle, Mariah, or Blossom. I want to make 2 different Accordion sweaters. One for a little knitter, the other for an aunt. I better hope I like it enough to make it twice!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Winter Is Coming

I’ve been busy over the weekend. I found a couple new books Friday afternoon in JoAnn’s. One of them was a cupcake book. Knitter #2 helped me try out that book on Saturday afternoon. I also got this book:

It looks like so much fun. Embroidery was my first love. I learned to embroider when I was about 9 or 10. I don’t do as much of it these days as I would like to. I’ve been really enjoying the book. It has some nice pictures and LOADS of transfers. A girl can never have too many embroidery transfers. Much the same way a girl can never have too many knitting books.

Yesterday I worked on this:

I also worked on making a pal for it. They are the Pocket Creatures from Knitty. In the pictures with the pattern, they somehow look bigger. Maybe the girl in the pictures isn’t as old as I thought she was. These things are going to make the perfect sized toys for Knitter #3’s birthday. They are the perfect size for a 2 year old to play with. They will fit well in her little hands. The originals were hand warmers, so I altered the pattern a bit. Little stuffed toys don’t need an opening, so I closed them up and did away with the pocket part that held the little rice bags you stick inside them.

This is what we saw Saturday morning:

There was snow on the mountains in September. Most of it disappeared by noon and it was all gone later. However, there is way more today. I don’t think any of it will stay this early in the year. The snow that stays usually shows up a month from now. We are having freakish weather today. Either pouring rain or sunshine. It seems a little more like spring weather than fall weather.