Stripy Scarf, yarn, and books

Here is the Stripy Scarf in progress. The brilliant blue is about the brightest yarn that will show its face on this project. I don’t think the red is as bright. It is starting to go faster now. I find it utterly bizarre that the morning glory it is draped on is growing like crazy right now. It only started to really grow about a month ago. I don’t what it was doing all spring and summer.

This is my new yarn:

This is the Noro Silver Thaw that I ordered from WEBS. It is beautiful and I love it. I can’t wait to knit it up into a shawl. It feels lovely. It is Wool/Angora/Nylon. The sun does not do justice to how bright some of the colors in it are.

Lately, I have become a book ho. I keep buying all these books. I ordered birthday and Christmas books for the kids. Naturally, I had to throw a few knitting books in. They had kids patterns. It was more for them than for me…. Yeah, right. I will show them off a different day. I had these coupons and I was in Joann’s. My local store isn’t a hot bed of knitting books just now, but I did find this one and liked it:

It has been on my amazon list for a while. It has sizes up to 10 year olds. However, I am pretty sure that I can wear something like half of the sweaters in the book. I’ve even picked out one to make just to see.

Remember all those cute little chicks I showed you pictures of this spring? Well, one of them is going to have to be executed. We have this cute little evil rooster. Yesterday he started attacking our daughter. He didn’t even want to back down from me. Until I booted him and chased him with a plastic shovel, that is. We haven’t had problems with roosters being mean in the past. Not to the kids anyway. We’ve gotten rid of roosters that were mean to the ducks or other chickens. We run a pacifist bird commune here, no meanies allowed.


Is that Noro Kochoran? It's too lovely!

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