Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas is Coming

Only a few days until Christmas and I have a glove to finish. And visitors in the house. I must get things done in the next few days or there won't be a finished christmas present. Not to mention I have to shop for Christmas Dinner and go to family parties most of Saturday. And then there is the cooking to be done...... What am I doing here?!?!

I think that this is the winter when I will start my attempt to take up spinning. First step, spindle. I will find my book and show my husband what they are. Hopefully, he will be overcome with the desire to make me a spindle. When I first mentioned it to him, he thought I meant a spinning wheel. He was relieved to find out that a spindle is a simple object. Brent doesn't like to tackle things that are complicated and might be more of a nightmare than anything else. Kitchen/dining tables and entire wall book cases are more his style. Of course, to really take up spinning, I need roving, too. Perhaps when the spindle starts to look like a reality, I can come up with some roving. No need to worry myself about it until then.

For now, I will be happy with the pot rack that I am getting for christmas. Brent is making a beautiful copper pot rack for our kitchen. Pictures will be posted, of course.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Visitors Coming

We will be having my brother and neice for christmas. Not for dinner, just to visit. What fun it will be. And we will all be sick of each other by the time they leave. Oh, maybe not. My brother might not be sick of being mauled by a 2 year old, you never know.

In other news, we have knitting pictures today. One finished glove and a partial. And my next pair of new socks. They are the Country Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. I have many new socks waiting in the wings. Before I make any of them, I need to make some for my husband. He isn't begging, but he keeps teasing me about making him some. I suspect it is his way of asking for some of his very own.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

At Last

At last I have time for a post. The shopping, knitting, and cooking have taken up my time. I must take pictures for posting here, too. I finished a glove and started the other. Today I will have some time for myself. If I don't, they will probably have to send those men in the little jackets. My new slipcovers came last week, too. They are a delight. It is like getting all new furniture. The poor UPS man had to walk up our driveway to leave them, too. It hasn't warmed up one bit since Thanksgiving. Our driveway would make a great skating rink if the snow hadn't melted in spots the day it fell. It took the poor guy an hour to get out of our driveway.

Monday, December 05, 2005


It was cold this morning. 7 degrees. Candy the hunting dog wasn't all that thrilled about it. Shorthairs don't like the cold because they have practically no hair. Now it has warmed up to just over 20 degrees. A real heat wave. It is supposed to be like this all week. And me with a missing mitten. It went into hiding a few weeks ago and refuses to come out and play. I will insult it by making more mittens.

This picture was yesterday. It is Olivia the pea hen getting a snack at one of our bird feeders. Fortunately, our chickens can't reach it or the wild birds wouldn't get any. Chickens are not nice, and they never ever play nice. Our little cochin roosters expend lots of energy chasing sparrows and juncos away from their feed.

My knitting hasn't come far the past few days, so no updates on the glove yet. Maybe I will get a picture of my sock to put up. I need some knitting content if I am going to keep calling this a knitting blog.

Our View Saturday

Isn't it beautiful?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It is Saturday.......

Saturdays are always so boring when Brent has to work. I like having him around. Ho hum.

Good news, though. My slipcovers have been shipped. I could count the days until I have a new living room if I could track the order. But I can't, so I can't. Ah, well. I can play with the other knitters or (gasp!) I could even knit. I would rather day dream about petting my new denim slipcovers, though. Sadly, our living room has suffered from not knowing who it is, really. Identity crisis. The furniture is a sort of pukey 1980's fabric that doesn't blend well with the western gear and wild animals that live in there. I am hoping the covers make the living room feel transformed. Then I will sit on them and knit.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Picture

It is finally here! I don't know what happened last night, but I see the thing now. We will just see if it shows up in the blog!

Anyway, the experienced knitter will see that they are looking at the gusset. Hopefully the gloves will be keeping some hands toasty warm when they are done.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Glove

I hope the picture is here.......

Day 1

So here we are. Blogging. What was I thinking? No one will read this, so who will get the last laugh? Hopefully, I will catch on to this quickly......

Perhaps I should take a picture of my knitting since this is a knitting type blog. I am making my first pair of gloves, and so far they are going great. But then, at this point, they aren't much different than mittens. We will see how they come out.

2007 Finished Objects

2006 Finished Objects