Christmas is Coming

Only a few days until Christmas and I have a glove to finish. And visitors in the house. I must get things done in the next few days or there won't be a finished christmas present. Not to mention I have to shop for Christmas Dinner and go to family parties most of Saturday. And then there is the cooking to be done...... What am I doing here?!?!

I think that this is the winter when I will start my attempt to take up spinning. First step, spindle. I will find my book and show my husband what they are. Hopefully, he will be overcome with the desire to make me a spindle. When I first mentioned it to him, he thought I meant a spinning wheel. He was relieved to find out that a spindle is a simple object. Brent doesn't like to tackle things that are complicated and might be more of a nightmare than anything else. Kitchen/dining tables and entire wall book cases are more his style. Of course, to really take up spinning, I need roving, too. Perhaps when the spindle starts to look like a reality, I can come up with some roving. No need to worry myself about it until then.

For now, I will be happy with the pot rack that I am getting for christmas. Brent is making a beautiful copper pot rack for our kitchen. Pictures will be posted, of course.


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