Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday Knitting

I have to thank Quilting Mama and Rebecca for their comments on purging junk the other day. If I asked Brent to pick things out of the closet to get rid of, we would get rid of nothing. Unless he could pick from my stuff, of course. He always thinks he’s going to wear certain shirts someday. Someday. When he does get these shirts out to be worn, he changes his mind and wears one of his good ol’ standby favorites. I weeded out a bunch of those this summer when I was cleaning out our closet. Quilting Mama suggested putting things in a bag or box and putting them in a closet and if the kids never miss it, it can go. I think that is a great idea, and I am going to try that. There is nothing worse than getting caught bagging up their unused treasures. For the 45 seconds it takes them to get it back from you, it is the most important toy they have ever possessed.

Anyone else out there baking bread just to turn it into dressing? Yes, I am crazy. One of the reasons I used to rationalize this to myself is that I need to use up my old yeast before it quits working altogether. It doesn’t rise all that well and needs to go. I just hate to waste stuff. I may have to take back the crazy part, though. My mom’s dressing was wonderful and she always made all of our bread. We always have the usual suspects at Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I have been trying out different side dishes the past few years so we aren’t totally boring. This year, we are having a squash casserole. A neighbor gave us some big Kabochas. They are smooth and sweet. I love them.

We haven’t really ever had yams, so yesterday I bought some. I’ve been trying to work more new veggies into our diet, so tonight we are going to have roast yams, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. The idea of roast broccoli fascinates me. I will post about how it all turns out.

Last week I was perusing the groups on Ravelry and found one where you pick a day of the week to work on ufo’s. I think that might work for me. Sundays are usually good days for me to sit around and knit. Before I even got to my knitting day, I finished something. Mittens for my pink lover:

She said “I thought you’d never finish these!” in the most excited and happy way. She really didn’t mean it to sound the way it sounds.

This is my scarf:

It has been really fun to knit, so far. I am almost halfway through it and still haven’t gotten bored with it. Usually, I get so bored with scarves that I can’t stand to work on them. I think that seeing how the colors look together is what keeps me interested.

I hope everyone reading in the US has a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can I Knit, Please?

I have been so busy lately, and not knitting. It isn’t like I’ve done wonderful, dramatic things either. I get the feeling, the harder I try to keep our house clean, the messier it gets. Perhaps if we got the children their own house…

Last week, I came up with a new goal. All year, I’ve been trying to declutter our home. I’ve taken bags and bags of clothes to donate. This summer we decided for sure not to have any more kids, so that meant we could get rid of baby things. Anyone who has had kids knows how much space baby things take up. It is just unreal. Anyway, my goal is to donate a dozen kitchen sized trash bags full of stuff by the end of the year. We’ve already donated 8 bags this year. Bag 9 is filled and waiting to go the next time I visit our favorite charity/thrift store. I am pretty sure we can come up with the stuff to get rid of. To be brutally honest, I could probably get rid of another dozen bags of things, but I wouldn’t be popular with Brent or the girls. They would say ‘I was going to wear that’ or ‘I was going to play with that’ and wouldn’t be impressed with my ‘No you weren’t’ responses.

I am not impressed with our weather here. It has warmed up and the flies have reappeared. Last weekend I was buying fly tape and fly swatters to combat them. It is just icky to wake up to 20 or 30 flies in your kitchen I hate to say it, but I would really like to see some cold weather.

Speaking of cold, my friend, Kimi, has the coolest mittens. They are a mitten-glove combination that has a little flap on the thumb, too. They are also made in pretty colors that I am rather envious of her. They look handmade, but weren’t made by anyone she knows. I want some, so my next project to start should be some for me. But in the last week, I have started 2 new projects, so who knows when I will get to something like that.

My new projects are a striped Noro scarf and a headband to keep my ears warm when I go running. You will note that neither of these are the project I talked about starting a while back. I’ve grown fickle, I guess.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Have I Been Doing?

A couple weeks ago, we went apple picking and found this:

We also found apples and started making applesauce. I still have a lot of applesauce to make.

Last week, the rains came and one night this is what the mountains looked like:

I’m thinking about replacing my current banner with this one. Emphasis on the thinking, because who knows when I’ll actually have time to do it! I am so short on time these days, it is a darned good thing I am not knitting anything for Christmas.

The evening before we went apple picking, we carved pumpkins. It is always a big event at our house. Daddy takes charge of the carving, Mommy cleans the pumpkins out. This year I roasted the seeds. Then I forgot they were in the oven and roasted them at a very high temperature again several days later. Now they are composting. They were really tasty before I ruined them, though.

I expect to finish a mitten in the next few days, just to prove to everyone that I still knit. Really.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rest in Peace, Alfie

I tried to write a post yesterday, but it just didn’t work out. We found our Lovebird dead in his cage yesterday morning. It was shocking and nearly devastating because he wasn’t very old. I drowned my sorrows by looking at pictures of birds online. We will get another bird, but not immediately.

Today is a rainy, semi gloomy kind of day. A great day for baking bagels. I made my first bagels about a week ago and I can never go back to store bought. It has been really difficult around here since the last one disappeared. Later, we are going to my mother in law’s house to watch my husband’s football team play. I should be able to get plenty of knitting in then.

Halloween was fun here. When I get some pictures of the cowgirl outfit, I will post them. There was so much candy, but we have managed to get rid of it fairly quickly. Last weekend, I just gave them their candy and let them go for it. The quicker its gone, the better. I encountered one of my cousins in the fabric store the other day, and she said she did the same thing. I did take the candy away when they started making candy mixes for their dolls. I hate walking through the house and having candy stuck to my feet…