What Have I Been Doing?

A couple weeks ago, we went apple picking and found this:

We also found apples and started making applesauce. I still have a lot of applesauce to make.

Last week, the rains came and one night this is what the mountains looked like:

I’m thinking about replacing my current banner with this one. Emphasis on the thinking, because who knows when I’ll actually have time to do it! I am so short on time these days, it is a darned good thing I am not knitting anything for Christmas.

The evening before we went apple picking, we carved pumpkins. It is always a big event at our house. Daddy takes charge of the carving, Mommy cleans the pumpkins out. This year I roasted the seeds. Then I forgot they were in the oven and roasted them at a very high temperature again several days later. Now they are composting. They were really tasty before I ruined them, though.

I expect to finish a mitten in the next few days, just to prove to everyone that I still knit. Really.


Probably Jane said…
The mountains look amazing - as I type this, all I can see from my office window is the side of a storage warehouse!

Looking forward to seeing the mitten,

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