Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Family Tree Needs More Branches...

I had a rather strange experience today. A while back, one of my cousins told me about a family website that contained a will of what would at the very least be our great-great-great grandfather. It was a bit disturbing to read a will bequeathing slaves to various children. At least he specified that children and spouses all went to the same place. When I was a kid my mother lied to us and said Granddad’s family were very poor people and didn’t have slaves. I have a difficult time understanding how people can be treated like livestock. The most disturbing thing of all was seeing that several of my ancestors married and had children with their first cousins. It seemed to explain some of my relatives though.

What a dark, depressing way to start a blog post.

Supper last night was fabulous. I didn’t need to make the fried rice. I worried the soup wouldn’t be filling enough for Brent. He ate half the rice anyway, though. The soup was so easy and filling that I couldn’t believe it. I will definitely make the soup again. It could be a great lunch time choice. Today I picked up some Japanese noodles and tofu for some more adventures with my cookbooks.

I’ve found a box to house my pile of knitting projects. Maybe I will show you a picture when I stuff it with projects.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Intervention, Please

I really think I might need an intervention. There are so many knitting projects in and around my knitting chair, I can’t sit in it. I can’t even bring myself to knit. It seems like I can’t focus on just one project when I am surrounded by so many. I feel pathetic. My plan is to place them all in a box. Patterns and all. Then I won’t SEE them every time I walk through the room and maybe I will get my crap together and get them finished.

Tonight, I am making Chinese food. Fried rice and one piece noodle soup. We are shy on veggies for a stir fry, so starch all around. The soup does have lettuce in it, though. It has been a real cooking kind of day here. At 11 am, it got overcast and felt like a day to stay in and cook. Plus, the lawnmower got all psycho on me. I’ll get into that later. So, today was ideal for baking my sourdough and making cupcakes for preschool tomorrow. I’ll be making the frosting after I finish this post. MMMMMM.

About the lawnmower. As soon I started mowing the yard, it didn’t act quite right. I decided it needed gas and at the time, that seemed to cure the problem. I mowed merrily along until the blade caught some wires for the sprinkler system and cut them. When I tried to shut the mower off, it wouldn’t quit. Thankfully, the wires weren’t still caught in the blade. I decided to keep mowing until I ran out of yard or gas. Fortunately, a clump of grass killed it. I think the cable that runs down the engine must be loose again. Either that or we need a new mower…

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Replacement Toy

Many of my regular people may remember that I bought a fabulous red Kitchenaid mixer the day after Thanksgiving. You may also remember that we had a little electrical problem a while back. It seems that the mixer blew out the GFCI receptacle in our kitchen. There wasn’t a bad breaker. I smelled something funny right before the mixer quit that morning. If you have never had a stand mixer, you don’t know how painful it can be to go without one for a couple weeks. They are addictive the way they do ALL the work. I was so glad to see the UPS man today:

How about some proof that I still knit:

The Happy Hen sweater. I am still almost to the arm decreases. I hoping to at least be almost done with it by the end of the month. It would be a shame to never finish anything for a kal.

And a picture of the Luna Moth shawl:

I haven’t worked on it since my last post. I could easily finish it if I sat down and just put forth the effort.

The reason I haven’t gotten much knitting done lately is that I have a birthday coming up and we had a busy week. We had Kindergarten registration along with the regular stuff. I have spent most of my spare time cutting fabric for some birthday presents for Knitter #2. She will be 5 next week. EEK! It doesn’t seem like I’ve been married THAT long, let alone had children that long. In 2 weeks, we will have been married for 6 years. Time really DOES fly!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just Me, Again

This month has not been good for me, blog-wise. After all of our sickness, we started soccer. I am an official soccer mom now. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I don’t like being lumped into a group like some automaton. Or a Stepford wife. My oldest is in a beginner soccer where they just teach the kids how to play. It finishes this week, in fact. They don’t have any games, they just play against each other. There are 6 or 7 kids. Some of them are barely 3, so it can be very amusing. Yesterday one of the little girls had to stop playing to run and hide behind the goal because her mom had just gotten there.

I’ve been knitting in all this non-blogging time. I am almost to the armhole decreases on the Happy Hen sweater. I am in the third repeat of the Luna Moth shawl. There are 3 full repeats and then half a repeat. I’m getting anxious to finish it because I’d like to wear it before winter turns to summer here.

Our weather has been lousy for April. The temperatures have been running more than 20 degrees below normal. It really isn’t good for gardening. Today we have rain and I am hoping it will help my peas come up.

Before I go, how about a picture of the tea party we had a while back?

I intend to post a picture of my Crinkle sweater when I can get Brent to take a picture.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Back!

I feel like a horrible absentee blogger. I came down with a cold from hell last Thursday night. I spent much of last Friday (the 4th) laying on the couch grunting and mumbling to the girls. They ate all the nasty, unhealthy snacks they wanted and watched Noggin all day. It was heaven for them. I still don’t feel great, so I haven’t done much for the past week.

I’ve been working on my Luna Moth shawl and the Happy Hen sweater, mostly. I do have a record 3 pairs of socks on the needles, now. First are my husband’s socks that I am not really feeling the love for right now. Then last weekend, I started my Monkey socks and a pair of socks for wearing with flipflops. The flip flop socks are a pattern from Knitty called Lickety Split. I don’t think I am going to make the top just like the socks in the pattern, but I might change my mind. I expect to finish them in time to wear next spring…

The other day, we had a fabulous tea party with tea cakes and everything right here in our own living room. We used our finest princess tea set. Knitter #3 informed me I was a princess when she saw my dress. The tea cakes had to be good, they cost us a breaker in our electrical box. When I was mixing the cake, my mixer quit. I thought it was just our GFCI outlet going off, but it appears it may be the breaker instead.

Best news of all, Crinkle is all done! I’ve been wearing it and I love it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And Finally, Some Knitting

The other night, Cast Away was on and you know what Knitter #2 said? She said ‘he needs to get a rain catch‘. Last summer she rubbed 2 sticks together on the ottoman and one of them turned black. She was very proud of herself. I was alarmed. Perhaps we watch too much Survivorman.

I am finished with Crinkle! It isn’t all seamed yet. I am still doing the edgings, but all the parts are made. I was hoping to have it done so I could wear it out and about tomorrow, but I don’t think there is any way I can finish all those edging bits in time for that.

In celebration, I have been working on my Luna Moth Shawl:

I am enjoying it immensely. It seems to grow in leaps and bounds when I work on it. I’ve just begun the 2nd of the 3.5 repeats it takes.

My next project is for a knit along this month. It is the Happy Hen sweater from Lucinda Guy’s Handknits For Kids. An pretty book full of adorable things for the kiddies. I think my colors are better, though:

And! I dyed some lovely red yarn today. It is almost perfect. I am practicing up for when I get some yarn to dye for doing a Thermal. One of those projects that will no doubt take me forever to get around to. Just like Crinkle did.

Notice how the yarn looks like a clown’s mouth? Scary. I think this yarn is going to be a pair of ribbed socks.