Just Me, Again

This month has not been good for me, blog-wise. After all of our sickness, we started soccer. I am an official soccer mom now. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I don’t like being lumped into a group like some automaton. Or a Stepford wife. My oldest is in a beginner soccer where they just teach the kids how to play. It finishes this week, in fact. They don’t have any games, they just play against each other. There are 6 or 7 kids. Some of them are barely 3, so it can be very amusing. Yesterday one of the little girls had to stop playing to run and hide behind the goal because her mom had just gotten there.

I’ve been knitting in all this non-blogging time. I am almost to the armhole decreases on the Happy Hen sweater. I am in the third repeat of the Luna Moth shawl. There are 3 full repeats and then half a repeat. I’m getting anxious to finish it because I’d like to wear it before winter turns to summer here.

Our weather has been lousy for April. The temperatures have been running more than 20 degrees below normal. It really isn’t good for gardening. Today we have rain and I am hoping it will help my peas come up.

Before I go, how about a picture of the tea party we had a while back?

I intend to post a picture of my Crinkle sweater when I can get Brent to take a picture.


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