Monday, July 30, 2012

Fair Week

I am on the hunt for a picture program that will allow me to crop my pictures. The Canon programs that came with my camera don't seem to allow cropping. I had a hard time finding out how to resize the pictures for putting them on the web. Anyone out there know anything?

Today is 4H interview day at the fair. We have to finish putting the book together this morning. It amazes me how much my oldest child hates doing a little work. It might be easier to go after her teeth with pliers than get her to work on her 4H book. Next year we are going to work on it as we go. Last year she was a clover bud and it was EASY. I warned my pal Heather that she is in for it next year when her son will be a full fledged 4H'er.

Cold weather will be here soon, so I am starting to think about cold weather knitting. I need new chore mittens for this winter. The thumb unraveled on my last ones. I shouldn't think about new knitting projects when I have old ones to either frog or finish.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Little Time

This week is our county fair. I don’t know what I am taking, really. It will all be up in the air until the very last moment. I didn’t make anything just to take to the fair. It was just too much pressure to bother with. I have a kid with a 4H book to get ready. That is pressure enough.

I haven’t knit at all in days. I’ve been crocheting on flowers to go on a baby hat I’ve made. I haven’t really had time to get a lot done on them. It requires concentration and I’ve been busy with too many other things lately.

I wanted to show off the braided bun I did yesterday, but I loaded it on the laptop and tonight the laptop can’t get online. The desktop and the tablet have no issues getting online, so I don’t know what is up. Some kind of annoying issue. I’ll have to ask my computer expert about it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The New Toy

Finally, I am typing up my first blog post on my new laptop! My report? I love it. Now if I could find the disk for my camera's programs...

My raised beds have little sprouts in them! I had been worried that the heat would dry them out too quickly for the seeds to sprout. I'm getting excited about the possibilities for my fall garden.

Of course, now I am going to have to be Farmer MacGregor and start packing a gun to get rid of rabbits. If I call them bunnies, I'll feel bad about blowing them away. We have so many, they aren't afraid of me. Yet. I think that if they aren't afraid, it is definitely an infestation. I really don't like them. They will attract hungry coyotes, bobcats, foxes and who knows what else. And they will all take an interest in browsing the other delicacies. Chickens, ducks, turkey, baby goats. No babies right now, but I have 2 does getting wider by the minute. I want the babies alive and sellable. Too bad I can't sell cottontails....

Friday, July 27, 2012

One Tomato

I am pleased to announce I am getting a new computer!  The first in the history of this blog.  The machine I am typing on now was bought when our 9 year old was 8 months old.  This thing is beyond dinosaur.  And it is close to refusing to upload another single picture onto it.  The other day it tried to refuse to upload only 4 pictures.  I deleted a lot of pictures a few months ago and it didn’t really help.  I think there is more clogging up this pc than pictures.  I’ve uninstalled a lot programs that I never use.  It is just time to quit asking it to bear the whole load.  When my new laptop arrives, this one can go into semi-retirement.  My new laptop is a Dell Inspiron N7110.  After ordering it from Geeks, I read a lot of mixed reviews on it.  But I also couldn’t find the exact one that I ordered reviewed anywhere.  It has 6 GB memory and a 1T hard drive, and the closest I could find was much smaller.  So this one may have different parts in it than the ones I saw reviews for.  Expect a report sometime soon.

Summer rolls on.  I keep thinking the things I planted in my raised bed should be sprouting already.  Then I look at the seed packets and the calendar and try to get real.  You can’t expect every seed to sprout 1 day after it was planted.  Last night, I found this list of things to plant in your fall garden.  I’m glad, because there were a couple things I hadn’t thought to put on my list.  This fall garden better pay off, because I am putting a lot of work and research into it. And look who my husband brought in the other day:

The other day, a friend gave me a bag of swiss chard and a bag of kale.  I am totally addicted to having cooked greens with my supper.  Don’t know how I am going to survive for the next month or two without them.  Maybe the veg stand I go to has some in their little cooler.

Look, I still knit and crochet:

I just haven’t been doing much lately.  Too many other things need done.  Like all the gardening stuff, jam, and turning goat milk into cheese so we can have food in the refrigerator.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Plants

Look! Broccoli! Very, very tiny broccoli. That was Tuesday morning. Later, kale and broccoli raab joined the baby plant party. Those little sprouts are going to become part of our fall and winter garden. Monday I planted some things in one of our raised beds. Our spring garden plans didn’t do well this year, so I started some late beans, carrots, green onions, and peas. I have confidence in everything but the peas. They may not want to sprout in the heat.

Here is a little something from the few things we got planted this spring:

Sadly, they are all gone. I am sure that there will be more in just a few days. We are also days away from our very first ripe big tomato. I’m disturbed by the lack of tomatoes on the vines right now, but I suppose it is early in tomato season.

I am happy to say we are now going to be enjoying what remains of summer. No more swimming lessons and only a few days next week at the fair. To me, summer is about staying home most of the time and having slow life. No hurrying to be places. So far this summer, it has been nothing but hurry to be here or there. The school year seemed a lot more leisurely.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Berries!

It’s been a busy few days with this stuff:

Lots of jam and a few desserts have been made and enjoyed. The first picture was of berries in the pot getting ready to become jam. The second is this recipe for triple berry crisp. It is SO good! You have to try it.

I have been thinking a lot lately about food production. One of the things that really bothers me about growing my own and making my own is my husband’s inability to consume an animal raised here. It isn’t an emotional attachment. He seems to only want to eat meat from the store. After we butchered our lamb last year, he refused to eat any of it. He kept claiming it tasted funny. Right now, he won’t eat any lasagna HE made because he had to use goat cheese in it. He claims it tastes like the buck we no longer own smelled. The doe we have in milk does not smell like a buck. I know that goat cheese can have a strong flavor, but I don’t think chevre has much taste at all. He told himself it was going to be awful before he even ate it. To be honest, I think he is a freaking ignoramus.

I have always wanted to live as self sufficiently as possible. Sometimes the people you love don’t make things easy. So you have to do it without them. Maybe they will join the party later. Maybe they won’t.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Busy With Fiddling

Last week and the weekend were hectic. My oldest child participated in her first fiddle contest. She’s been playing her fiddle for about 2 years now. She didn’t make it past the first round, but she enjoyed being there and had a good experience. It was a fun time. Now we might have to start calling her Fiddler #1 instead of Knitter #2.

The heat last week lasted. We had 3 consecutive days of 109 here at our house. Ugh. Now the low 90’s feel fantastic. Almost cool. One night when I went to milk the goat, it was still nearly 100 out. I milk fairly late in the evening.

Our little trip resulted in me having some unpleasant digestive troubles. Awful gas, awful yuckiness. I’ve never been so happy to see vegetables in my life. When I was a teenager I went on a trip where the water was scary and I couldn’t drink it. When I got home I loved water like I never had before. My love of water has never since waned. This trip may have made me love vegetables in that way. I’ve always liked them, but I really craved them when I got home. There were none to be had in the park where the festival was. Restaurant food is notoriously shy of REAL vegetables. I bought a salad on the way home that really was very poor. It had lettuce, but a lot of it was full of the thick stem bits that aren’t very good. It had 2 small tomatoes and 3 pieces of cucumber. It was a pathetic salad, but I was desperate for something good to eat.

My friend and I took our kids to see this:

Shoshone Falls outside of Twin Falls. I hear they are amazing in the spring when the run off has all the rivers high. They are pretty amazing in the middle of the summer.

Monday, July 09, 2012


To start out today, I am going to complain. NBC is rotten. I have been mad at them for weeks for getting rid of Ann Curry. If their Today Show ratings are dropping, maybe they should look at what they think is ‘news’. I watch for actual news, NOT celebrity news. I could care less about people with loads of money and no brain power. Now that they have installed Savannah Guthrie in Ann’s place, they sure seem to be working hard to tell people how great she is. All the advertising showing how ‘fun’ she is. And I walked in from doing chores this morning and they were having a sing a long?! If they were doing such a great thing by getting rid of Ann, they wouldn’t have to pimp Savannah Guthrie so much. I think tomorrow I will turn on Good Morning America instead.

And now, let use move on to better subject matter. Venting over. I am knitting these little cuties this week during swimming:

They are for a set of football hats I am making for myself and a friend. I think they will be much better for out in the heat at the pool. I think the Lopi sweater might give me heatstroke if it hits 100 before noon like it did yesterday.

Just for the record, the temperature eventually hit 109 on my back porch yesterday afternoon. Today, I have hopes of not surpassing that.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hot Old July

It is SO hot here. I really shouldn’t be complaining, though. Idaho doesn’t have high humidity and it only got hot here a few days ago. And I have air conditioning. Anyway, a few minutes ago, it was 106. I was out refilling a stock tank so my animals have plenty of water.

Today is much better for staying in and knitting or blogging. Earlier today I was contemplating my next batch of bread and thinking about a blog I used to read. The blogger always made her own bread. That is the sort of thing I want for my family. It is the way I grew up. Mom always made our bread. My husband was raised on Wonder bread, hot dogs and mac&cheese out of a box. He likes store bought bread. The kids have been loving my bread lately, though. So I decided to just go with the flow and keep baking. Maybe a conversion has happened in my house. But I am not going to say anything. If I do, it is bound to go poorly for me.

Having been raised by my mother and not his mother, I tend to think that prepackaged food is not really good for you. That home made food is REAL food and boxed food is bad for you. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I could be sneaky and phase it out of our lives. Except that Brent will go buy it on the sly. But if he doesn’t really know it has been phased out, maybe he won’t notice. I do have to say, we don’t eat much prepackaged, boxed food. I just think we do because we didn’t eat it at all when I was a kid. My mother’s idea of a birthday cake did not involve any boxes. She was disgusted the year I asked for a white box cake for my birthday. But she DID make it for me.

Anyway, what I have been making lately:

I love Lopi for a winter sweater. I have one that I originally made for my husband that is great for going out to feed in the winter. Coats don’t really keep me warm enough. Wool does. Most of the winter the past few years, I have just worn wool sweaters outside. This sweater is from Alafoss Lopi No.18. It is sweater #18/19. It has 2 numbers because they show 2 different color combinations in the book. This is my own color combination that I think is going to look fantastic.