So Little Time

This week is our county fair. I don’t know what I am taking, really. It will all be up in the air until the very last moment. I didn’t make anything just to take to the fair. It was just too much pressure to bother with. I have a kid with a 4H book to get ready. That is pressure enough.

I haven’t knit at all in days. I’ve been crocheting on flowers to go on a baby hat I’ve made. I haven’t really had time to get a lot done on them. It requires concentration and I’ve been busy with too many other things lately.

I wanted to show off the braided bun I did yesterday, but I loaded it on the laptop and tonight the laptop can’t get online. The desktop and the tablet have no issues getting online, so I don’t know what is up. Some kind of annoying issue. I’ll have to ask my computer expert about it.


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