Hot Old July

It is SO hot here. I really shouldn’t be complaining, though. Idaho doesn’t have high humidity and it only got hot here a few days ago. And I have air conditioning. Anyway, a few minutes ago, it was 106. I was out refilling a stock tank so my animals have plenty of water.

Today is much better for staying in and knitting or blogging. Earlier today I was contemplating my next batch of bread and thinking about a blog I used to read. The blogger always made her own bread. That is the sort of thing I want for my family. It is the way I grew up. Mom always made our bread. My husband was raised on Wonder bread, hot dogs and mac&cheese out of a box. He likes store bought bread. The kids have been loving my bread lately, though. So I decided to just go with the flow and keep baking. Maybe a conversion has happened in my house. But I am not going to say anything. If I do, it is bound to go poorly for me.

Having been raised by my mother and not his mother, I tend to think that prepackaged food is not really good for you. That home made food is REAL food and boxed food is bad for you. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I could be sneaky and phase it out of our lives. Except that Brent will go buy it on the sly. But if he doesn’t really know it has been phased out, maybe he won’t notice. I do have to say, we don’t eat much prepackaged, boxed food. I just think we do because we didn’t eat it at all when I was a kid. My mother’s idea of a birthday cake did not involve any boxes. She was disgusted the year I asked for a white box cake for my birthday. But she DID make it for me.

Anyway, what I have been making lately:

I love Lopi for a winter sweater. I have one that I originally made for my husband that is great for going out to feed in the winter. Coats don’t really keep me warm enough. Wool does. Most of the winter the past few years, I have just worn wool sweaters outside. This sweater is from Alafoss Lopi No.18. It is sweater #18/19. It has 2 numbers because they show 2 different color combinations in the book. This is my own color combination that I think is going to look fantastic.


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