Busy With Fiddling

Last week and the weekend were hectic. My oldest child participated in her first fiddle contest. She’s been playing her fiddle for about 2 years now. She didn’t make it past the first round, but she enjoyed being there and had a good experience. It was a fun time. Now we might have to start calling her Fiddler #1 instead of Knitter #2.

The heat last week lasted. We had 3 consecutive days of 109 here at our house. Ugh. Now the low 90’s feel fantastic. Almost cool. One night when I went to milk the goat, it was still nearly 100 out. I milk fairly late in the evening.

Our little trip resulted in me having some unpleasant digestive troubles. Awful gas, awful yuckiness. I’ve never been so happy to see vegetables in my life. When I was a teenager I went on a trip where the water was scary and I couldn’t drink it. When I got home I loved water like I never had before. My love of water has never since waned. This trip may have made me love vegetables in that way. I’ve always liked them, but I really craved them when I got home. There were none to be had in the park where the festival was. Restaurant food is notoriously shy of REAL vegetables. I bought a salad on the way home that really was very poor. It had lettuce, but a lot of it was full of the thick stem bits that aren’t very good. It had 2 small tomatoes and 3 pieces of cucumber. It was a pathetic salad, but I was desperate for something good to eat.

My friend and I took our kids to see this:

Shoshone Falls outside of Twin Falls. I hear they are amazing in the spring when the run off has all the rivers high. They are pretty amazing in the middle of the summer.


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