Baby Plants

Look! Broccoli! Very, very tiny broccoli. That was Tuesday morning. Later, kale and broccoli raab joined the baby plant party. Those little sprouts are going to become part of our fall and winter garden. Monday I planted some things in one of our raised beds. Our spring garden plans didn’t do well this year, so I started some late beans, carrots, green onions, and peas. I have confidence in everything but the peas. They may not want to sprout in the heat.

Here is a little something from the few things we got planted this spring:

Sadly, they are all gone. I am sure that there will be more in just a few days. We are also days away from our very first ripe big tomato. I’m disturbed by the lack of tomatoes on the vines right now, but I suppose it is early in tomato season.

I am happy to say we are now going to be enjoying what remains of summer. No more swimming lessons and only a few days next week at the fair. To me, summer is about staying home most of the time and having slow life. No hurrying to be places. So far this summer, it has been nothing but hurry to be here or there. The school year seemed a lot more leisurely.


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