One Tomato

I am pleased to announce I am getting a new computer!  The first in the history of this blog.  The machine I am typing on now was bought when our 9 year old was 8 months old.  This thing is beyond dinosaur.  And it is close to refusing to upload another single picture onto it.  The other day it tried to refuse to upload only 4 pictures.  I deleted a lot of pictures a few months ago and it didn’t really help.  I think there is more clogging up this pc than pictures.  I’ve uninstalled a lot programs that I never use.  It is just time to quit asking it to bear the whole load.  When my new laptop arrives, this one can go into semi-retirement.  My new laptop is a Dell Inspiron N7110.  After ordering it from Geeks, I read a lot of mixed reviews on it.  But I also couldn’t find the exact one that I ordered reviewed anywhere.  It has 6 GB memory and a 1T hard drive, and the closest I could find was much smaller.  So this one may have different parts in it than the ones I saw reviews for.  Expect a report sometime soon.

Summer rolls on.  I keep thinking the things I planted in my raised bed should be sprouting already.  Then I look at the seed packets and the calendar and try to get real.  You can’t expect every seed to sprout 1 day after it was planted.  Last night, I found this list of things to plant in your fall garden.  I’m glad, because there were a couple things I hadn’t thought to put on my list.  This fall garden better pay off, because I am putting a lot of work and research into it. And look who my husband brought in the other day:

The other day, a friend gave me a bag of swiss chard and a bag of kale.  I am totally addicted to having cooked greens with my supper.  Don’t know how I am going to survive for the next month or two without them.  Maybe the veg stand I go to has some in their little cooler.

Look, I still knit and crochet:

I just haven’t been doing much lately.  Too many other things need done.  Like all the gardening stuff, jam, and turning goat milk into cheese so we can have food in the refrigerator.


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