Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Day of TV

It is the last day of February and the last day of tv here. I think it will be much easier to have the tv off during the school year. By the time summer comes, the kids will be used to no tv and will not act as if it is some kind of hardship. We didn’t watch much tv when I was a kid. We decided to shut it off until football season comes back around. The state of television programming only gets worse as time goes on. And it will save us a lot of money. The only way to get tv here is to have a satellite dish.

I hope winter ends soon. I have never welcomed the coming of spring so much except the winter my father died. That year (2009) spring held so much meaning. Life, hope, and moving on. Winter meant death and desolation. Old pagan sentiments. They were right. This year, winter came early and I am anxious for it to leave NOW. I’d be even happier for it to leave if I lived in most of the rest of the country. We’ve missed out on blizzards and subzero temperatures here. I want to see grass growing. I’ve bought all the hay I can buy from Gilbert the Hay Guy. And I need to find someone to shear my sheepers. In a month, we should get a few lambs.

Since all the good times will soon be upon us, I planted tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant yesterday. There doesn’t seem to be any room left under the lights for broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I love gardening season!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stash Problems...

Hey, remember me? Since we last saw me here I’ve doing stuff like this:

And this:

This is a shawl I started in the fall but put down:

I really like the project, but there is nothing mindless about it. Not good knitting for dance or fiddle where I sometimes need to pay attention to what my kids are doing.

I knit a cute little flower and never took a picture before giving it away. I’ve been knitting quite a lot, actually. Last weekend, when I ran out of library books to read, I started reading in some of my Elizabeth Zimmerman books. Somehow, that lead me to the conclusion that I needed to use up some of the yarn and fabric I have because my work area is an absolute disaster. That and the fact that I couldn’t find my elastic last weekend. So here it is: Because I didn’t have enough library books to get me through the weekend, I had to buy some storage containers for my crafting/work area. Conclusion: Not checking out enough library books costs you money. Heaven forbid I read my own books… This has become a digression, I think.

Anyway, I decided if I knit up 30 balls of yarn I will have depleted my project supply enough to not feel ashamed of myself. In general, I don’t just buy yarn for nothing in particular. I buy yarn for projects and put it away. There is a certain sweater I have wanted to make for a very long time, and I have had the yarn for a long time. The sweater has been in my Ravelry Queue since October 11, 2007. I have probably had the yarn for longer than that. It seems like I don’t knit things that I have the yarn for. I find something I want to knit and get the yarn and knit it. Both of the sweaters pictured above were in my queue for quite a while. The one in progress I did have the yarn in stash for over a year. I have yarn that has been marinating around this house for a good long time. The funny thing is that when I got married nearly 9 years ago, I had no yarn stash and no fabric stash. When we moved into our house 7 years ago, there was no fabric stash and a very small remnant stash of yarn and fabric.

Obviously, I need to use what I have.

As for my fabric stash, I don't always buy for projects. Sometimes I buy for the sheer prettiness, so I have a vague plan to just use up some of the fabric I have on hand. The kids are bound to win this one.