Thursday, November 30, 2006

No Phone?!

Ever since I whined about my workout, I have had no trouble sticking with it. Nothing like a little public embarrassment to get a person to stick with it. As a result, I am now wearing a pair of pants that I haven't worn since before knitter #2 was born. Yay!

I haven't techinically finished any of my animals I have been knitting, so I don't know for certain how they have turned out. I will finish them by 7 am Dec. 25. Promise.

Today, I have not done one bit of knitting or sewing. It is shameful considering that we had no phone until about 2:30. It is absolutely horrible thinking that you just can't get at your email. I've got a cell phone, so I could call people. How did I live before the internet? I must have been insanely bored. Thank heavens for the internet, or my knitting wouldn't be nearly as interesting as it is. No fun Knitty projects, no blogging, no way to find out what knitting books I really, really had to have. And all the yarn that I wouldn't even know existed! I definitely wouldn't be spinning, either. Maybe I will show you something I have spun one of these days. I haven't been spinning much, though. All this christmas stuff is getting in the way of my spinning.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Goodies and Some Bags

Here are some goodies I got today and some non-knit projects I have been working on. The black bag is crocheted. The other bag is a knitting bag I have been sewing from a Simplicity pattern. There are some things I don't like about the pattern now that I have used it. It needs to have something in it to stiffen it up. I had envisioned a bag that stood up on its own. That is the way it was pictured on the pattern. It is still turning out pretty well. I am just picky as heck when I am making something for someone else. My secret pal is going to be getting this bag.

The other picture is of some remnants I bought today. The brown fabric with flowers was too cool to pass up and there is a yard and a half of it. The apple fabric wants to be in my kitchen. There isn't much of it, though. And then the bag of ribbon remnants. I can't wait to tear into it.

As for my knitting, well it is all coming along. Not quickly enough to suit me, but I never knit fast enough to suit myself. Being as the cold weather has arrived, I wish I were finishing socks for myself, but I'm not. I would like to be done with my christmas knitting by Dec. 15, but I doubt I will be. I am always down to the wire with things. I must love it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Body

It's a bear body! This bear is going way faster than that dratted rabbit. Right now, the bear has also got 2 legs and feet. It is fun knitting, too. There are lots of short rows, increases, and decreases. Not boring for a minute. These bears are definitely the sort of knitting that keeps you on your toes. I am loving it. The only thing I am not loving is that you do a crochet chain cast-on and I didn't knit into the correct part of the crochet chain and am having to pick it out very slowly. That'll teach me.

Tomorrow begins the two days of cooking. I'll be doing a veggie dish, dessert, gravy, and probably some dressing tomorrow. On Thursday, there will be a bird, mashed potatoes, and more veggies. The weather casters are threatening us with rain and snow for Thursday and Friday. Bring it on, I say. The snow has been receding on the mountains lately. That isn't supposed to happen until april.

I learned something funny about my mother and my oldest daughter today. I was visiting one of my aunts and my darling threw herself in the floor and had a tantrum. My aunt said my mother acted exactly like that when she was little. I can't wait to tell my husband that. He used to tell knitter #2 'Come up for air' because she just sits there with this look of devastation sort of gasping like she can't get air. And then the screaming begins. It is just so funny these days. Well, sort of. It is really annoying when she throws those fits in front of people. No one wants other people to think their kids are the brattiest ever. I am waiting until he gets home so I can see the look of amusement on his face. I wonder if I threw fits like that.....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Still Lovin' Those Cinnamon Rolls

Would you believe I'm eating a cinnamon roll right now? I'm really sort of shocked that there are still cinnamon rolls in the house.

I hope everyone will be proud of me. I knit an ear and started the tail of the evil little bunny last night. If I really get to it after this post, I could finish and be well into a bear by nightfall. Finish with the knitting anyway. Not the putting together. Right now the bunny looks like some freaky alien baby. Surely the bear will be easier to knit.

Does anyone else out there have a terrible time sticking to their workout schedule? I start every week with the best of intentions. Except this week, I waited until Wednesday. I used to have no problems keeping with it. These days, anything can sidetrack me from it. I even tried a reward system. It failed. I didn't stick with the workout and I bought the book anyway. Now I am resorting to horrible things. I made a collage of clothes that I would love to wear if I lost a few pounds and stuck it up on the mirror in my bathroom. I even thought about pulling out clothes I've not worn since before knitter #2 was born and tacking them up on the wall. I always loved working out because of the nice exhilarating feeling afterwards. These days I seem to lose steam after a few days. It's annoying.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knitting and Cinnamon Rolls

Not much knitting progress to report. The bunny is still in progress. I keep plugging away waiting for the moment I am done with it so I can knit something else. Naturally, this has caused much websurfing for other things I might like to knit. And I think we all know that means I've found another sweater or 2 that I might like to have. I have also decided I need a new scarf. I want it to be large like my clapotis. Clapotis needs to be washed because of an unfortunate incident in the car involving a 3 year old, a bottle of chocolate milk, and a bump in our driveway. I must find a really nice yarn to make the scarf with. I am looking over lace patterns in my books and magazines.

I found out that Woolgathering includes an article, the pattern, and lots of options. Watch how fast I can subscribe.....

Today is sunny and lovely looking outside. The wind is deceptively cold. We can see plenty of snow from here, but have missed out on it so far. I am sure it will get us in the end. I am making home made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing today. I am dying to taste them. Nothing like eating a warm cinnamon roll and daring the snow to come down to my elevation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Veteran's Day Post

It is a disappointing morning here. The gift pillow I have been working on had to be completely ripped out because my guage was way off. Thus, the pile of black yarn on my couch. It could be worse, I could have been a lot farther along than I was. In better news, I finished the body of the bunny. I have sew it together and add arms and ears.

Has anyone looked at Woolgathering? I am thinking of subscribing and am wondering if it is just the pattern or if there is an article or something along with it. I suspect it is just the pattern. It started out as Elizabeth Zimmerman's newsletter.

Yesterday I went shopping. I got some fun things. Fun fabric. It's for my sweet husband. I am going to make him a quilt for either christmas or his birthday depending on when I finish it.

In other news, the snow line has dropped dramatically here. No snow here, but yesterday the mountains had just a bit of snow on the tops. This morning the snow is down very low. I was amazed at the change over night. It rained all night here.

Today is Veteran's Day. A day to remember the people who have been killed in the name of stupidity, pigheadedness, and downright evil. Name me a war that DIDN'T include all of those ingredients. My Grandfather was in World War I and was fortunate enough to be kept in Canada as a hospital guard instead of going off to be gassed in the trenches. He got to see the horrors of the war every day. Men that would never breathe properly again, men who lost arms or legs. And he was fortunate not to be one of them.

Now that everyone is depressed from reading the last paragraph, I am going to off to bake the tastiest pumpkin cake I have ever seen..... Yum.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cold and Rainy

It is cold and rainy, but today it seems enjoyable. Just the other day I was all whiney about it.

I have gotten all excited about my christmas knitting, though. Much of it is stash knitting, which feels good. This is bunny #1. I am going to knit a few other things before #2. Knitting on the bunny makes my fingers hurt, so I will work on a couple other projects first. They are being made in acrylic worsted leftovers on size 3 needles. It is tight knitting and acrylic has little give. Christmas knitting mustn't languish. It is washable, though. I think that is important for toys. I am so enamoured with getting the christmas knitting done that I even bought more yarn for it yesterday. I didn't have anything brown enough for the bears and I needed more yarn for another project. It was acrylic and blends. Not worthy of pictures. Marihone is currently languishing, waiting to be steeked and finished. I really can't remember the last time I had so many knitting projects going. Maybe never.

The weather makes me feel like knitting, and I guess that is why I am enjoying it today.

Now for a change of subject. I read Rebecca's post this morning and am all worked up, myself. This time of year, all the spending on Christmas gifts makes me tired. America consumes most of the worlds resources and it seems like at this time of year, we really consume them. I think a lot of people do it without thought. Most of the world's population lives on a fraction of what we have. And I don't mean money, I mean things. Starvation can be a failed crop away. I took a potato science class in college that was eye opening. One of the largest potato producing countries in the world is a country where most of the potatoes are raised in people's gardens. They can't count on being able to buy food, they have no choice but to raise it or trade a neighbor for it. It wasn't even what would be considered a third world country. Ever since then, I have wondered how far away any of us are from that situation. I try to be less wasteful every day, and I hope that a lot of other Americans out there do, too. We have a lot of blessings that most people in the world don't, so let's be thankful for them.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Gloomy Day and a Christmas List

Here we are in the burgeoning cold months. My feet are starting to be cold all the time. It means I should get with the sock knitting so they can be cozy every day. I've been bored lately, and just working on things a bit here and there. I did finish up several sewing projects last week. One of them is a christmas gift, too. Maybe the weather is giving me a bad case of the blahs. It has been gray and rainy for 3 of the past 4 days.

Saturday morning

It could be a lot worse, I could live in Alaska or Canada where it is already winter and there is considerably less light every day.

In light of my boredom, I have made a list of things I want to make for Christmas. It will probably shrink when I begin to run out of time because my spectacular procrostinating abilities.

knitted bunnies from a free pattern available here
the best friends bears with sweaters in the IK Holiday Gifts issue
kids hats from same issue as above
cool crocheted dolls from an ancient book I got when I was a kid
flannel shirt for husband
pillow from knitty gritty
embroidered quilt

And for Santa to stuff in some stockings:

cute little knitted dolls from Canadian Living magazine site
These handwarmers from Knitty

Those handwarmers are something you stick in the microwave and heat, not the glove kind. They are cute and I think they will make great stuffed toys. I will try to find the links to the online stuff so people can look them up. That's how I found the bunny pattern.