Still Lovin' Those Cinnamon Rolls

Would you believe I'm eating a cinnamon roll right now? I'm really sort of shocked that there are still cinnamon rolls in the house.

I hope everyone will be proud of me. I knit an ear and started the tail of the evil little bunny last night. If I really get to it after this post, I could finish and be well into a bear by nightfall. Finish with the knitting anyway. Not the putting together. Right now the bunny looks like some freaky alien baby. Surely the bear will be easier to knit.

Does anyone else out there have a terrible time sticking to their workout schedule? I start every week with the best of intentions. Except this week, I waited until Wednesday. I used to have no problems keeping with it. These days, anything can sidetrack me from it. I even tried a reward system. It failed. I didn't stick with the workout and I bought the book anyway. Now I am resorting to horrible things. I made a collage of clothes that I would love to wear if I lost a few pounds and stuck it up on the mirror in my bathroom. I even thought about pulling out clothes I've not worn since before knitter #2 was born and tacking them up on the wall. I always loved working out because of the nice exhilarating feeling afterwards. These days I seem to lose steam after a few days. It's annoying.


Lone Knitter said…
Funny, I can't stick to my work-out schedule, either. I also can't stick to my knitting schedule, but I have the reverse problem there: I knit when I planned to do something else such as grading papers. Hmm...

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