No Phone?!

Ever since I whined about my workout, I have had no trouble sticking with it. Nothing like a little public embarrassment to get a person to stick with it. As a result, I am now wearing a pair of pants that I haven't worn since before knitter #2 was born. Yay!

I haven't techinically finished any of my animals I have been knitting, so I don't know for certain how they have turned out. I will finish them by 7 am Dec. 25. Promise.

Today, I have not done one bit of knitting or sewing. It is shameful considering that we had no phone until about 2:30. It is absolutely horrible thinking that you just can't get at your email. I've got a cell phone, so I could call people. How did I live before the internet? I must have been insanely bored. Thank heavens for the internet, or my knitting wouldn't be nearly as interesting as it is. No fun Knitty projects, no blogging, no way to find out what knitting books I really, really had to have. And all the yarn that I wouldn't even know existed! I definitely wouldn't be spinning, either. Maybe I will show you something I have spun one of these days. I haven't been spinning much, though. All this christmas stuff is getting in the way of my spinning.


Lone Knitter said…
I think the internet has made me a more avid knitter. If I was just to choose what was available in my local yarn stores, I think I would get a bit disheartened. New York City stores like to carry a lot of strange and over-priced stuff, and they don't seem to cater to sock knitters at all. Horay for the internet, says I!

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