Cold and Rainy

It is cold and rainy, but today it seems enjoyable. Just the other day I was all whiney about it.

I have gotten all excited about my christmas knitting, though. Much of it is stash knitting, which feels good. This is bunny #1. I am going to knit a few other things before #2. Knitting on the bunny makes my fingers hurt, so I will work on a couple other projects first. They are being made in acrylic worsted leftovers on size 3 needles. It is tight knitting and acrylic has little give. Christmas knitting mustn't languish. It is washable, though. I think that is important for toys. I am so enamoured with getting the christmas knitting done that I even bought more yarn for it yesterday. I didn't have anything brown enough for the bears and I needed more yarn for another project. It was acrylic and blends. Not worthy of pictures. Marihone is currently languishing, waiting to be steeked and finished. I really can't remember the last time I had so many knitting projects going. Maybe never.

The weather makes me feel like knitting, and I guess that is why I am enjoying it today.

Now for a change of subject. I read Rebecca's post this morning and am all worked up, myself. This time of year, all the spending on Christmas gifts makes me tired. America consumes most of the worlds resources and it seems like at this time of year, we really consume them. I think a lot of people do it without thought. Most of the world's population lives on a fraction of what we have. And I don't mean money, I mean things. Starvation can be a failed crop away. I took a potato science class in college that was eye opening. One of the largest potato producing countries in the world is a country where most of the potatoes are raised in people's gardens. They can't count on being able to buy food, they have no choice but to raise it or trade a neighbor for it. It wasn't even what would be considered a third world country. Ever since then, I have wondered how far away any of us are from that situation. I try to be less wasteful every day, and I hope that a lot of other Americans out there do, too. We have a lot of blessings that most people in the world don't, so let's be thankful for them.


Lone Knitter said…
Every week, when I clean out my fridge, I'm amazed by how much food I let go to waste. I inspired by your post to be less wasteful. I knew I should have used by stash for Christmas gifts! I went and bought new yarn :(

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