Knitting and Cinnamon Rolls

Not much knitting progress to report. The bunny is still in progress. I keep plugging away waiting for the moment I am done with it so I can knit something else. Naturally, this has caused much websurfing for other things I might like to knit. And I think we all know that means I've found another sweater or 2 that I might like to have. I have also decided I need a new scarf. I want it to be large like my clapotis. Clapotis needs to be washed because of an unfortunate incident in the car involving a 3 year old, a bottle of chocolate milk, and a bump in our driveway. I must find a really nice yarn to make the scarf with. I am looking over lace patterns in my books and magazines.

I found out that Woolgathering includes an article, the pattern, and lots of options. Watch how fast I can subscribe.....

Today is sunny and lovely looking outside. The wind is deceptively cold. We can see plenty of snow from here, but have missed out on it so far. I am sure it will get us in the end. I am making home made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing today. I am dying to taste them. Nothing like eating a warm cinnamon roll and daring the snow to come down to my elevation.


Punkin said…
Oh. That sounds wonderful. My mother made homemade cinamon rolls when I was little. The smell of them baking in the oven. Then eating one (or two) while still warm. Even better if there is snow in the hills out the window. *sigh*
Lone Knitter said…
Can I come over to your house? I want home-made cinnamon buns! I know what you mean about a project taking forever. I want all this Christmas knitting to be over with so I can make socks for myself!

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