Another Gloomy Day and a Christmas List

Here we are in the burgeoning cold months. My feet are starting to be cold all the time. It means I should get with the sock knitting so they can be cozy every day. I've been bored lately, and just working on things a bit here and there. I did finish up several sewing projects last week. One of them is a christmas gift, too. Maybe the weather is giving me a bad case of the blahs. It has been gray and rainy for 3 of the past 4 days.

Saturday morning

It could be a lot worse, I could live in Alaska or Canada where it is already winter and there is considerably less light every day.

In light of my boredom, I have made a list of things I want to make for Christmas. It will probably shrink when I begin to run out of time because my spectacular procrostinating abilities.

knitted bunnies from a free pattern available here
the best friends bears with sweaters in the IK Holiday Gifts issue
kids hats from same issue as above
cool crocheted dolls from an ancient book I got when I was a kid
flannel shirt for husband
pillow from knitty gritty
embroidered quilt

And for Santa to stuff in some stockings:

cute little knitted dolls from Canadian Living magazine site
These handwarmers from Knitty

Those handwarmers are something you stick in the microwave and heat, not the glove kind. They are cute and I think they will make great stuffed toys. I will try to find the links to the online stuff so people can look them up. That's how I found the bunny pattern.


Lone Knitter said…
I'm sorry it's been so gloomy. I also suffer when it's gloomy. Gloominess makes me feel uninterested and sad sometimes. But you've given us a beautiful picture of the gloominess. I'd trade any sunny day in Brooklyn for that! Beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Gray and gloomy can be very difficult to stomach. I remember last year when I went to the lower 48 and stepped outside into the sun. It was like taking really strong medicine that made everything better. Your projects sound very bright and joyful to plan and work on. I hope you have fun, and look forward to seeing the results!

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