My Veteran's Day Post

It is a disappointing morning here. The gift pillow I have been working on had to be completely ripped out because my guage was way off. Thus, the pile of black yarn on my couch. It could be worse, I could have been a lot farther along than I was. In better news, I finished the body of the bunny. I have sew it together and add arms and ears.

Has anyone looked at Woolgathering? I am thinking of subscribing and am wondering if it is just the pattern or if there is an article or something along with it. I suspect it is just the pattern. It started out as Elizabeth Zimmerman's newsletter.

Yesterday I went shopping. I got some fun things. Fun fabric. It's for my sweet husband. I am going to make him a quilt for either christmas or his birthday depending on when I finish it.

In other news, the snow line has dropped dramatically here. No snow here, but yesterday the mountains had just a bit of snow on the tops. This morning the snow is down very low. I was amazed at the change over night. It rained all night here.

Today is Veteran's Day. A day to remember the people who have been killed in the name of stupidity, pigheadedness, and downright evil. Name me a war that DIDN'T include all of those ingredients. My Grandfather was in World War I and was fortunate enough to be kept in Canada as a hospital guard instead of going off to be gassed in the trenches. He got to see the horrors of the war every day. Men that would never breathe properly again, men who lost arms or legs. And he was fortunate not to be one of them.

Now that everyone is depressed from reading the last paragraph, I am going to off to bake the tastiest pumpkin cake I have ever seen..... Yum.


Anonymous said…
Your fabric is beautiful - it will be exciting to see the result. Great choices! Selecting fabrics that work together is something I struggle with sometimes. I think they look good until I begin sewing them together, and then they just aren't what I wanted, or too dark, or one color stands out. I am sure as I quilt more and more frequently I will remember my mistakes and get better. Blahs are setting in - the days are getting noticeable short. It is not even 3:30pm and the sun is low on the horizon. Luckily, I am getting out for a bit next week...hmmm, I bet Nashville has at least one yarn store. :) And this has been a very productive weekend so far - lots of quilting! Cheers - Rebecca
Yes, my grandfather (in England) narrowly missed the trenches because he was only 14, although he tried to enlist anyway!
Love the black yarn for the pillow, although I've always been told that black is really are to work with. Can't wait to see it when it's done;)!

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