A Body

It's a bear body! This bear is going way faster than that dratted rabbit. Right now, the bear has also got 2 legs and feet. It is fun knitting, too. There are lots of short rows, increases, and decreases. Not boring for a minute. These bears are definitely the sort of knitting that keeps you on your toes. I am loving it. The only thing I am not loving is that you do a crochet chain cast-on and I didn't knit into the correct part of the crochet chain and am having to pick it out very slowly. That'll teach me.

Tomorrow begins the two days of cooking. I'll be doing a veggie dish, dessert, gravy, and probably some dressing tomorrow. On Thursday, there will be a bird, mashed potatoes, and more veggies. The weather casters are threatening us with rain and snow for Thursday and Friday. Bring it on, I say. The snow has been receding on the mountains lately. That isn't supposed to happen until april.

I learned something funny about my mother and my oldest daughter today. I was visiting one of my aunts and my darling threw herself in the floor and had a tantrum. My aunt said my mother acted exactly like that when she was little. I can't wait to tell my husband that. He used to tell knitter #2 'Come up for air' because she just sits there with this look of devastation sort of gasping like she can't get air. And then the screaming begins. It is just so funny these days. Well, sort of. It is really annoying when she throws those fits in front of people. No one wants other people to think their kids are the brattiest ever. I am waiting until he gets home so I can see the look of amusement on his face. I wonder if I threw fits like that.....


Hope your T-giving went well...I agree that sometimes having to pay attention on a project is a good thing and keeps your mind active. Can't wait to see the FO! --No pressure;)!!!

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