Spring Fever

It’s been busy, busy lately. I got the quilt top and my socks done in spite of all the other things going on. I am surprised at how good the quilt is looking since it is my first project. I have to get to work on it if I want to finish it by next weekend. And the shirt, too.

I am proud to say I have the socks done. I’ve never knit socks that fast before. The yarn for the February socks still needs to be wound into a ball.

We don’t have snow on the ground right now, so it seems like spring should be here any day. It isn’t going to be here for another month at least and I may have to go insane waiting for it. I am very keen for gardening for the first 6 months of the year. Then the heat starts to annoy me and I just water things. Someday, I would like to have a lush green yard with lots of flowers like you see in pictures. Or some of the houses I like to drive by in town during the summer. We have lived here for 3 years and have managed to get an idea of how often our yard needs water to keep up the appearance of being alive. Maybe this year will be the year our grass stays gorgeous through the summer.


Rebecca said…
The quilt is looking fabulous! I am glad it is going well for you. The socks look great, too. It takes me so long to finish one, much less a pair - that is great you were able to get them done so quickly!

The snow on the ground here is turning to ice...the temps have been so lovely and warm, but now we need our ice-skates to get around! I look forward to having a garden. I am one of those people that think grass is a bit over-rated. I like flower, veggies, and trees so much better. My mom gave up on gardening years ago and decided that she preferred cultivating weeds. After all, some weeds are very nice. Like dandelions - you can eat the young greens in your salad. And sunflowers are just so cheerful. After I get to NC, I am starting with tomatoes and some herbs, although herbs might be cheating a bit as they are almost like growing weeds. I say, dig up the lawn and put in a swimming pool. ☺
Lone Knitter said…
The quilt top is beautiful. I can't believe how much you got done. So quick. And the socks too. Not a small feat, considering how long the cuffs are. They look great!
Seems like Spring? grrr....

I agree with the Lone Knitter that the cuffs are impressively long, nice work!
Laurie said…
Your quilt top is beautiful. I love the colors!
I am so impressed by your quilt, it is stunning!

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