More Great Knitting Weather

Now we have 3 inches of snow. So much for seeing my crocuses bloom. So much for the warm weather. As many people have said over many years - great for the knitting. I have made great progress towards the toe of my sock and I may even finish it today. The back of the vest is finished and I have started one of the front pieces.

I have been spending some time recently deciding what to knit over the next months and deciding what yarns I might want to use. Nothing like planning lots of knitting that you won’t possibly have the time for. Somehow it puts a little zeal into my current knitting projects. Must finish them so I can knit something new. For me, it works almost as well as buying new yarn. I decided I would buy some circular knitting needles before I start some of the fingering weight projects I have tentatively planned for the kids and myself. My Boye set is always catching the yarn at the joins and only goes down to size 2. ( I actually have 2 Boye sets I use. One was my mother’s and the other was given to me by an aunt.) I am thinking about trying the Knitpick's circular needles. Has anyone tried them?


Lone Knitter said…
I just ordered some knit picks size 1 circulars, but as usual, my post office is keeping my package hostage! I'll let you know what I think about them once I get them.

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