Knitting Progress?

Ah, the feeling of spring. Warm and sunny outside, flowers blooming. If it weren’t the middle of February, I would be digging in the dirt. Instead, I went hunting for the perfect sagebrush to cut yesterday. I am going to take it for my drawing class this week. My dog and my oldest helped me. The dog mostly helped by getting in my way when I was taking pictures of sagebrush to draw.

I have done some knitting lately. It seems like I don’t have much to show for my knitting recently. Perhaps if I just did more knitting. I’ve been working on this sock cuff that goes on forever and ever. It is going to look cool when I finally get done with it, but it is very slow going. I’m hoping it will go more quickly after the cuff , too. At this rate, these socks are going to take 2 months. On the up side, that means more time to enjoy knitting with the Mountain Colors Bearfoot. It is so wonderful to knit with, I just love it. The sock is laying on top of the back of the vest I am making for my aunt. I am almost to the point where I can start the decreases for the armhole. This is the first vest I have ever made. It is odd to think I won’t be making sleeves for it.

I will post a picture of the finished quilt this week. I don’t think I could tear it off my sweetie for anything this weekend.


Lone Knitter said…
The socks and vest look like they are coming along beautifully. I'm so jealous that you have flowers starting to show. It's so yucky and drab here in NYC.
Rebecca said…
I would love spring weather! The temps here dropped, and my roommate greeted me this morning with the happy news that it was -30 outside. It had better be done being cold by the end of February! Although, we really have been spoiled this year and the winter has been rather mild - I am so glad! The color of that sock is beautiful - I love Mountain Colors yarn - it will be great to see the finished product.

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