The Quilt

I finished the cuff! Happy dances all around. I now order that the knitting of the sock go at lightning speed…

And the quilt picture as promised. All finished and ready for snuggling under.

Rebecca asked what I like to read. I like reading history, the classics, and poetry mostly. But I will read anything I take an interest in. The one book I have that I really do want to actually read someday is The Canterbury Tales. One of my favorite stories that I haven’t read in ages is Ivanhoe. I rarely read romance novels. Unless they are really old ones published in an old Reader’s Digest condensed book. I have an enormous collection of Reader’s Digest condensed books. My former employer wanted to unload her used book collection when she rearranged the store. She sent every single one of the Reader’s Digest books home with me. I really enjoy some of those old post WWII spy novels. They are amusing the way 1950’s alien movies are. You know, those movies where giant ants invade Earth. Ok, the spy novels aren’t really as amusing as those old movies, but you get the picture.


Rebecca said…
Your quilt looks so cozy! It makes me want to go find a quilt to snuggle under.

I get tired of The Canterbury Tales - nothing like having to read and help with essay after essay on the subject to weary you of a piece. I remember reading it in high school, though, and enjoying it. It's always so interesting what can spark interest and what a person enjoys at different times. I read Moby Dick in high school - well, I don't know how much of it I actually boring! But then I reread it in college (but skipped the whaling chapters! so much more interesting that way) and loved it. I love makes me sad how little I feel like reading during the school year.

I really love the color of the socks you are working on. I seem to be going through a red phase right now...I love color, but reds are calling. That one is fabulous! I will probably say that again as I see your progress because I like it so much.

I do have the Alaska quilt pieced - I finished it as I was moving and it's in some bag somewhere. I would like to have it quilted, so I will try and dig it out and take it to Fairbanks to drop off. I am also working on some pillow shams to match it, but as I am using scraps and just making up whatever, who knows how they will come out. ☺
Anonymous said…
I looooove 1950s sci-fi movies. And old Reader's Digest books. Gosh, I had forgotten about those. My mother has a garage full of them!
I hope that the sock obeys your command and knits up at the speed of light!

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