This afternoon I looked at my living room and wondered how 2 little girls could make so much mess and clutter. It was more than I could take. I simply had to clean it all up. I don’t think there was a even a path through the room. They did it in just a few hours, too. I do my workout in there every weekday morning, so it has to be clear of toys at least 1 hour a day. Sometimes you just reach a breaking point and want to run screaming from your house. Some day they will experience the same feelings with their children. Payback. It is probably what I was receiving today.

This is some stuff I found at the dollar store the other day. I don’t know what I am going to make with it all, but I am going to make something. When I saw them, I fell in love with all the colors. They just look like summertime.

I got the first sock done last night and have started on the second. The Bearfoot feels wonderful on the foot. I have resisted the urge to wear the one sock around the house. I’d just end up with a cold foot.

This morning, I was shopping around online and found the Phildar site. I looked up the kids patterns in the spring/summer Phildar Pitchoun. They are wonderful. It can be difficult to find cool things for bigger kids. There are loads of great patterns out there for babies, but as they get older, things thin out. That particular Phildar pattern book is available in English, too. Very nice since I don’t know any French…


Thanks for the Philar reminder--as a French-o-phile, I will def. be checking Pitchoun out!
Lone Knitter said…
Cute fabric. I'm sorry about the return of winter. It's finally warm here in NYC, which means it's about 40 degrees.
Rebecca said…
The pattern for the Alaska Quilt is called "Northern Lights." I got it from The Quilting Train in Fairbanks - and I think they are still selling the patterns and/or kits: Northern Lights

The Natural Knits book patterns go up to mostly about 12 months. It is hard to find patterns for bigger kids. I love Dalegarn patterns, and they often have lots of great kids patterns. I just picked up a pattern book the other day (172 ) and while it is mostly adult tank top patterns, I bought it for the charming little hat for little girls. I have a friend's daughter who is about 3 and loves to "accessorize" so I thought I would crochet the hat and knit or crochet a little matching purse.
Rebecca said…
Ohhh...just looking at the Pitchoun books - they are fabulous! I want them! If you get one, please share a review!

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