What We Woke Up To

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning. The official return of winter. It was gone by 10 am, but it is still cold. Perfect knitting weather.

The sock has been going great since I finished the cuff. I had thought the leg was going to be a lot longer than it was. I will have to be thinking about what my next pair of socks will be. Maybe some footlets, maybe more socks for my sweetie. Perhaps toe up socks for him using PGR’s Simple Socks book.

I have decided to do secret pal again. Secret Pal 10 takes signups until the 28th for anyone who might be interested. It is rather fun picking out goodies for someone else. And it is nice to get the goodies, too. I think I like the picking them out for other people best.

In sweater news, I found a pattern for a fingering weight cardigan in a book I have. It is a fair isle pattern, but I am just going to make a plain cardigan and put some really nice buttons on it. It has a crocheted edging and I think I will do that in a contrasting color if I find one I like in my stash.


Rebecca said…
I think it was a bit cruel to make us think spring was coming and then spring more winter on us. When I think about it logically, it is only February and even in the lower 48 I wouldn't be thinking of this as spring yet. I have decided I am just a wimp when it comes to cold. And it is good for knitting - if your fingers aren't too cold!

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