My 100th Post

And now for a blogging break… I spent most of last week at the sewing machine finishing the quilt for my husband and sewing his shirt. He loved them, too. It was all worth it. Even when I nearly had the heart attack Wednesday afternoon when I heard his truck coming up our driveway. I had the quilt spread out in the floor and was tying it. He usually calls when he is on his way home AND he was 2 hours early. I managed to get everything hidden before he came in the house.

This is my 100th post, so I wanted to take a picture of a pile of things I have knit over the years. I decided to throw in some things I’ve sewn, too. The picture by no means shows everything I have knit or sewn that is in this house. They were just the handy things. Someday, maybe I will look back on this picture and say to myself ‘I was a terrible sewer back then’ or ‘I have learned so much more about knitting than I knew then’. I don’t consider myself a poor sewer, but there is so much I could learn about it. There is always more to learn, I think.

I also wanted to include a picture of all the socks I’ve knit. One reason is because several people have commented on the length of the leg on the last pair I finished. I think the picture I posted before is misleading, because most of my socks are longer than those socks. I now know why I read other blogs and see people grumbling about ribbed socks. They get boring to knit. I find them nice to wear, though. I was wearing the red sock, so it is stretched out.

And, before I go, let us not forget that today is Lincoln’s birthday. He may have been the homeliest president ever, but he was a great president in very trying times.


Rebecca said…
Yay! 100 posts! I look forward to more posts and pictures...

So glad the quilt and shirt worked out. How did you finish your quilt? The binding part is the part I dread most...the one I am working on now I am going to "pillow-case" where I sew it together inside out and then turn it right side out, sew up the bit of open seam, and then tie it.

I look at my projects right now and think, I hope I can look back one day and be much better than I am now - yikes! There is always so much to learn...but then, I guess that is what keeps it interesting.

I think of the political state of our nation and wish that more of our politicians carried and lived the label "Honest."
Lone Knitter said…
I kind of think Lincoln was quite a looker. Well, happy Lincoln day. Say, aren't you working on a log cabin quilt? Very fitting. I like thinking about all of my handknits piled up. It's getting to the point where all I wear are my handknit socks. It sure feels good.

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