Secret Pal Package!

My secret pal reveal package arrived today. Isn’t it just amazing when someone you don’t know anticipates your tea needs? I am almost out of tea again, and here you see a lovely box of tea. And 3 balls of baby alpaca. So, so soft. And red, too. If only I could decide what to make…. Thank you, Lucinda!

And as for deciding what to make…. I got in my stash last night and looked over the yarn that was going to be a sweater and dress for my oldest. She has outgrown the intended pattern, and the colors won’t look good on the little red head. So, I have enough fingering weight for a sweater or maybe 2. If only I can find a pattern for fingering weight yarn. They can be hard to find. I’ll have to do some searching, and I think we all know how I ‘hate’ that.

Last week I got 3 new chickens from the same aunt who gave me the ducks last fall. This morning it wasn’t even light when I traipsed out to the chicken coop to break up a rooster fight. Three days of roosters fighting is just about enough for me. In some places they send the cops in for this sort of activity… In spite of the fighting, the little black chickens ARE cute. As cute as a chicken can be, that is. We call them Jack Kerouac and the Beatniks.

Lone Knitter commented yesterday about me making a log cabin quilt. I will have to take a picture now that it is done. I have always wanted to learn about the quilts and the ways they were folded to leave messages for people on the underground railroad. It was a bit funny last week when I was working on my quilt one day, there was a show on the history channel about escaped slaves. It wasn’t about the underground railroad, though.

I finished my quilt by laying it out in the floor and tying it and then putting the binding on. I think it broke several ‘rules’ that were in my books, but I was born to break silly rules.


What a great day to receive a package in the mail, and lucky chick;)!
Rebecca said…
Yes! Please share pictures of your finished quilt! I break rules in every craft I do...especially quilting. I want to do a lone star quilt, and people look at me as if I am mad. I guess I had better start practicing my precise cutting and 1/4" seams skills.
Lone Knitter said…
Love the names of your chickens. Secret Pal packages are the best. I haven't done an exchange in a while, but I remember they were so much fun.

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