Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

I can’t believe the year is nearly over again. I’ve decided to set some goals/resolutions for 2011. I’ll post them tomorrow I hope.

Here is some yarn that came a few weeks ago:

This stuff is for the Lopi sweater I talked about in a previous post. I don’t think I am going to use the bluish stuff on the end. I think I have a skein of black I could use instead. That color is just not going to work.

I love Silky Wool. However, the Silky Wool I’ve used before did not have nylon in it. It is very pretty and is for a short sleeved cardigan.

These are mittens I made Gretchen for Christmas:

I like them and want to start a pair for me. I was completely amazed at how they look like they come from 2 different color ways. I wonder if mine will look that way, too.

And this is what I’ve been working on lately:

I have waited all this time to make my own washcloths. Why?! It is so fun! And it is eco-friendly and green.

We had a little party tonight. It is 11 and I am the only one still up. One kid was out by 9:15 and the other about half an hour later. They were really thrilled about getting to stay up late and having their supper in the living room. I made fried rice for supper. We also had pork and seeds and carrots with ranch to dip them in. I think one of the girls may have only had our secret family recipe chex mix for supper, though. I love making my own mustard for pork and seeds. Brent and I feel like it isn’t hot enough if we don’t want to cry when we eat it. So, store bought or restaurant mustard just doesn’t cut it. I find it a bit ironic that Brent likes really hot mustard because he hates anything with cayenne, jalapeno, or curry in it. He also loves horseradish. Of course, horseradish and mustard are different than hot peppers and curry.

I hope every one out there is having a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. See you next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Surviving the Holidays

We have survived Christmas. Now, let’s hope I survive until next Thursday when school resumes…

Last week seemed like one nightmare after another. On the 23rd, my darling old dog-boy, Sam, started having these horrific seizures. Not the tame little things he’s had once or twice a year most of his life. We had to go to the vet and get some medicine for him. I tried to cut back on the medicine since he wasn’t able to walk, but I think he had a seizure tonight. We will have to suffer with a dog that can’t get around much for the next month or so. So much for spending the day making cookies with the girls. The next day, I almost forgot to make dessert for Christmas dinner. The presents all made it under the tree, and dinner got cooked.

I am very happy to spend this week knitting and sewing whatever I feel like. I spent a while this afternoon teaching Knitter #2 how to sew nice, small stitches by hand. I made her a sewing kit for Christmas and decided she should learn to hand sew the way Mary Ingalls did: sewing a doll quilt. She is doing great, too! I couldn’t sew that well when I was 7. I could crochet pretty well, though.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Snow...

I am finally feeling like Christmas is coming. For some reason, last week it just wasn’t settling into my mind that Christmas was around the corner and I needed to get moving with the Christmas plans. Now I am wondering if I’ll get anything made for the kids. AND we are wondering if Knitter #3 told her big sister what she’s getting her for Christmas. We did the shopping yesterday and suddenly this morning, the thing she is getting from her sister is what she’s going to ask Santa to bring her for Christmas. Knitter #3 didn’t tell last year. And she was only 4 then. I can’t get her to confess to telling, so I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been spending most of my crafting time working on a present for my boss, Gretchen. I don’t really think of her as my boss. Anyway, I’m almost done with the gift and will get some pictures of it before I am done.

I do have pictures of a project from last weekend:

Stewing on the stovetop

Filling the carboy

Beer! This is a Nut Brown Ale kit we got from Midwest Supply. It is due to be bottled up on Christmas. Providing it is ready, of course. I am going to have to start checking it with the hydrometer every day now. It will be exciting in a few weeks to taste our stuff.

And here is the yarn that I’d just gotten last post:

I joined 11 Sweaters in 2011 on Ravelry a while back. I am all kinds of excited about knitting a bunch of sweaters. There are a couple bulky sweaters I’ve wanted to do for ages and it is my perfect excuse to get with it and buy the yarn. One is an Icelandic Lopi sweater. It is from their No. 18 book. I don’t know if it is still in print because I bought mine right after I got married. The other sweater is this DROPS sweater. It is the bulky red, purple, and orange you see above. It is a short sleeve sweater and I am pretty excited about making it and wearing it this winter.

Keeping track of the balls of yarn I’ve used up in my sidebar has inspired me to try to keep track of how much I buy and how much I use. I am not going to try to count up all the balls of yarn I have. Just what comes in and what gets used.

It’s been snowing here again. Yesterday we had at least 5 inches and today, I am not sure. It has rained as well and that tends to ‘settle’ the snow. Plus it is snowing like crazy right this minute. If it snows too hard, I’ll lose my internet connection…

Friday, December 03, 2010

Yucky Weather

I’d say happy December, but the weather is so crappy right now, I don’t feel like it. I slid all over the place even with my 4 wheel drive yesterday. We had a foot of snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday was a snow day. Yesterday school was back in and it was raining. Until I got to town, and then it started snowing. As far as I know, it’s never quit. Just like Tuesday. Except now it is foggy, too. It is great weather for staying home with warm drinks, knitting, a log on the fire, and a few naps.

When I posted pictures the other day, we had a couple inches of snow. Now my animals are nearly up to their bellies in snow. I hope this isn’t setting the tone for the winter. We don’t have room to keep them all inside all the time.

I’ve been on a yarn ordering spree this week and some of it has already arrived! If the sun shines tomorrow, I will take pictures of what came today.