New Year's Eve

I can’t believe the year is nearly over again. I’ve decided to set some goals/resolutions for 2011. I’ll post them tomorrow I hope.

Here is some yarn that came a few weeks ago:

This stuff is for the Lopi sweater I talked about in a previous post. I don’t think I am going to use the bluish stuff on the end. I think I have a skein of black I could use instead. That color is just not going to work.

I love Silky Wool. However, the Silky Wool I’ve used before did not have nylon in it. It is very pretty and is for a short sleeved cardigan.

These are mittens I made Gretchen for Christmas:

I like them and want to start a pair for me. I was completely amazed at how they look like they come from 2 different color ways. I wonder if mine will look that way, too.

And this is what I’ve been working on lately:

I have waited all this time to make my own washcloths. Why?! It is so fun! And it is eco-friendly and green.

We had a little party tonight. It is 11 and I am the only one still up. One kid was out by 9:15 and the other about half an hour later. They were really thrilled about getting to stay up late and having their supper in the living room. I made fried rice for supper. We also had pork and seeds and carrots with ranch to dip them in. I think one of the girls may have only had our secret family recipe chex mix for supper, though. I love making my own mustard for pork and seeds. Brent and I feel like it isn’t hot enough if we don’t want to cry when we eat it. So, store bought or restaurant mustard just doesn’t cut it. I find it a bit ironic that Brent likes really hot mustard because he hates anything with cayenne, jalapeno, or curry in it. He also loves horseradish. Of course, horseradish and mustard are different than hot peppers and curry.

I hope every one out there is having a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. See you next year!


Quilting Mama said…
Sounds like your New Years was fun. I was the first one out here and the kids were up til 12.
What is pork & seeds?
urban craft said…
I love handmade washcloths. When I finally learn how to crochet I think that will be my first project.
Yarny Days said…
I LOVE those mittens. How cute are they!

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