Yucky Weather

I’d say happy December, but the weather is so crappy right now, I don’t feel like it. I slid all over the place even with my 4 wheel drive yesterday. We had a foot of snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday was a snow day. Yesterday school was back in and it was raining. Until I got to town, and then it started snowing. As far as I know, it’s never quit. Just like Tuesday. Except now it is foggy, too. It is great weather for staying home with warm drinks, knitting, a log on the fire, and a few naps.

When I posted pictures the other day, we had a couple inches of snow. Now my animals are nearly up to their bellies in snow. I hope this isn’t setting the tone for the winter. We don’t have room to keep them all inside all the time.

I’ve been on a yarn ordering spree this week and some of it has already arrived! If the sun shines tomorrow, I will take pictures of what came today.


Well I don't envy you all that snow but we wouldn't mind a little bit our way :)
Quilting Mama said…
We've had several days of snow but just light fluffy snow. Be careful on those slippery roads, you wouldn't want to be unable to enjoy all those yarn orders.

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