Surviving the Holidays

We have survived Christmas. Now, let’s hope I survive until next Thursday when school resumes…

Last week seemed like one nightmare after another. On the 23rd, my darling old dog-boy, Sam, started having these horrific seizures. Not the tame little things he’s had once or twice a year most of his life. We had to go to the vet and get some medicine for him. I tried to cut back on the medicine since he wasn’t able to walk, but I think he had a seizure tonight. We will have to suffer with a dog that can’t get around much for the next month or so. So much for spending the day making cookies with the girls. The next day, I almost forgot to make dessert for Christmas dinner. The presents all made it under the tree, and dinner got cooked.

I am very happy to spend this week knitting and sewing whatever I feel like. I spent a while this afternoon teaching Knitter #2 how to sew nice, small stitches by hand. I made her a sewing kit for Christmas and decided she should learn to hand sew the way Mary Ingalls did: sewing a doll quilt. She is doing great, too! I couldn’t sew that well when I was 7. I could crochet pretty well, though.


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