Friday, June 29, 2007

Let Me Eat Cake

This post has very little in the way of knitting content. I have been knitting away, but there really isn’t much new to look at.

This weekend I will be having my birthday. My 4 year old thinks we need to have lots of balloons and cake for my birthday. I will go along with the cake. Cake is good. Perhaps I could eat only cake on my birthday…. I will be 35 this year. My mother was 35 when I was born.

The other day I found something I didn’t know existed on the web. I know, EVERYTHING exists on the web. I was doing a search trying to find out how to use my hair fork, when I found this online forum just for people with long hair. I never did find out how to use my hair fork, because I became engrossed in exploring the site. My hair doesn’t come quite to my waist. It is always thrilling to see someone with longer hair than me. And there I had found an entire online community with lots of people having hair longer than mine. How cool!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Projects

The Projects

This is my new project, the BSU sweater. I have lots of boring old plain stockinett stitch to do before I get to the lettering. Knitting Ganseys has some lettering charts, but I don’t think they are going to make hefty enough letters for this sweater. I will probably use them as a guide for the letters I will put on the sweater. Hopefully one ball of yarn will do the job, because the color way seems to have been discontinued since I got the yarn early this spring. I do need to decide pretty soon where I am going to place the letters, because I will need to measure on my husband to get the body length.

Below is something I found growing in the pumpkin patch. Seriously, needles and all. Ok, not really, but it’s a fun picture rather than the boring everyday sock in progress picture. I am really liking this pink with black.


Naturally, since I have started my new project, I am thinking ahead to my next possible project. It was going to be a sweater with the red and white cotton pictured in my sidebar. I saw a sweater on a blog last summer that I loved. It had been based on a pattern, but was completely unlike the original. I wanted one similar. So, I found a pattern that seemed like it would work, and bought the yarn last fall. The yarn wasn’t what was used in said pattern, but I was sure it would work out. My gauge swatch says I was WRONG. So I am just going to design the thing from scratch all by myself. It may still be my next project. If not, I will make a Crinkle. I swatched for it a couple weeks ago and it is dead on.


Suzi left a comment asking about how I blocked all those points on my red sweater. I just pressed them out with my hands on the towel. I did quite a bit of pulling tugging the sweater into shape since it is a lace pattern. Wool is pretty good about staying in the shape you block it to. The sweater is pretty comfy, too. We have been having some very cool mornings, so I’ve worn it the past 2 mornings. I got rid of the towel under it after the top side seemed pretty dry. Later on I turned the sweater over so the bottom would get dry. I still need to weave in the ends of yarn hanging off all the points and graft the sleeves. But I hate finish work. It is so tedious when I could be wearing the thing already. Or in this case, I am wearing it already.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Finished Red Sweater

The red sweater is blocking. I haven’t picked out a button for it yet. I am thinking about a pearl button I have if it is big enough. Not a real pearl, the plastic sort you find on the button aisle of fabric stores. The pattern calls for a bead as well as beads on the tips of the points at the bottom of the sweater. I don’t think I am going to put beads on there, though. I think I will just weave the ends in when it is dry. I left them unwoven for blocking because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet.

Right now, I just have my sock project, but I am going to start the BSU sweater today. My husband is already asking about it. He loves when I make him things.

Several people have mentioned using their Red Cross Knit Kit to make socks for their fathers. I think I might use the pattern to make my Dad some socks for Christmas. Maybe with some Koigu.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Red Sweater Progress Report

I can’t believe I am almost done with my red sweater. This has to be a sweater knitting record for me. Both sleeves are finished and the directions say to knit 4 inches after you start the body again. I may knit a little farther. It looks like this sweater is only going to use a fraction of the yarn I bought, too. I did shorten the sleeves, but they should still go below my elbows. Now I will tell you about the mistake I made. I only did half of the lace pattern for the sleeves. Part of it was on one page, part of it on the next page. I love the scalloped look of what I got, though. If I don’t like it after I block it, I can always rip the sleeves back and redo them in the correct pattern. I bought 8 balls of yarn and I have used about half of it. I think the pattern says 7 balls of aran weight. I am using worsted weight and bought an extra ball just in case.

I am getting so close to being done with that sweater that I am just itching to start the sweater for my husband. It will be called the BSU sweater. The gauge swatch has even been done. I’m using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless Sweater from Knitting Without Tears. With saddle shoulders because I’ve never done them before.

I wanted to learn 5 new techniques this year, so saddle shoulders can be #2. My first technique was toe up socks. Probably I should be keeping track somewhere to make sure I get 5 techniques in before the end of the year. Actually, there was another one I learned on this sweater. I need to keep track.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitting Some History

Last week or the week before, I mentioned here that I had a new spoiler for secret pal. She has already sent me a fabulous, wonderful package. Thank you so much, Suzi!

The outside of the box had this printed on it:

What can I say? I followed the directions to a T.

Before I go into it more, I have to say that I love history. Suzi didn’t know that, so she didn’t know what a great gift she was sending me. She sent me the American Red Cross Knit Kit and their World War II era knitting patterns. It is so cool!

In addition to that, she sent some cd’s of her husband’s music, a cool little reel with a clip on it, and a hilarious knitting card. The inside of the card says “I have 248 more in my kitchen cupboard”. I love it. What’s not to love about knitting humor?

This is the inside of the knit kit:

The needles are a size 3.25 mm, which I believe is a US 3. I already think I know what socks that yarn is going to be used for. My husband isn’t getting that lovely green. Being a woman, my feet are too small for the Red Cross pattern. I don’t remember the name of the socks, but they appeared in an IK a few years ago and I’ve been wanting to make them. In fact, they are on my list of socks I want to make.

My lovely red sweater is still coming along nicely. I have already finished one sleeve and have started the other. I am making them ¾ length so they don’t get in the way in the kitchen. I feel that I may live in this sweater when cool weather returns. I’ll post a picture of it with my next post.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! This morning, we had breakfast in bed for our resident Daddy. He also got a little refrigerator to hold cold drinks on the back porch. I wish he would get off the couch and tear it out of the box. I didn’t wrestle that thing out of the back of the jeep and up to our porch so he could just let it sit there. I wanna use it! I thought about buying him a wok, but that would have been completely self serving….

Tonight, my Dad will be coming over and we are going to have a Father’s Day dinner. Dessert is going to be home made ice cream that I made this morning. And you guys may find this amusing, but I am going to be making my first coleslaw ever today. I have never made it before. Maybe making coleslaw isn’t as common as I think it is. I have a feeling that I am a freak for not having made any until now.

I have a finished object to show you guys, too. The black and purple socks. They are toddler sized toe up socks on 2.5 mm and 2.75 mm dpn‘s. I used Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ book Simple Socks and Knit Pick’s Palette yarn. I haven’t started a new pair of socks yet. Instead, I have been spending all of my knitting time on my sweater. I can’t wait to wear it. It isn’t all that often that I am this excited to wear something I am working on. Maybe it’s because I haven’t made myself a sweater in over a year.

On Tuesday, I got all freaked out. I went to Knit Picks and they were having a sale. I was so worried that I might not have money to spend there, that I got offline immediately and did all my bills. Fortunately, I had plenty of money left to spend on yarn. Can you imagine if I hadn’t had the money? I might have gone into convulsions or something. Their prices are already great, but sale prices are always welcome at my house.

I hope everyone out there is having a great day with the special dads in their lives!
(or special guy if you don’t have kids)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Red Sweater Progress

I haven’t posted in a week. I should be ashamed, I suppose. So much has to be done this time of year and there aren’t enough hours in the day. A few days ago I got an email telling me my spoiler had to drop out of secret pal because of a family health emergency. She was such a wonderful secret pal. She had taken the time to find things that really suited me. I hope their recovery/outcome is the best possible.

I’ve been working on the socks for one of the kids and they are zipping right along. I am going to make another pair for the other kid before I start on some for my husband. Toe up socks are really different than top down, but I am starting to get them figured out. I doubt that I will one of those people that loves it so much they only make toe up socks. There are disadvantages. If they turn out too short, it is harder to lengthen them. Or to replace the toe/heel if they wear out. The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is the grafted top. I might make a swatch and try grafting that to get the hang of it. I grafted half of the top of the first sock, but it didn’t seem all that elastic. And it looked terrible. My littlest knitter wants to run away with her new sock and play with it. I’m glad she likes it!

I’ve gotten quite a ways into my Elann sweater, too. There are several needle size changes and I am close to the second change. The sweater is knit from the top down and uses 4 different sizes of needles. You change sizes when you end a ball of yarn. I started with size 8 needles and will end 10.5 needles. I am using Elann Peruvian Highland yarn and it is SO soft. As you can see, it is my favorite color:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Finished Boo

It is SO hot here. My husband is working on our sprinkler system this weekend, so the plants are having to suffer on through. Not that they seem to be suffering much. I’ve been staying in the cool and knitting on my new sweater project. Nothing like a NEW project to start the heat of summer off!

Friday morning I finished up Boo. My aching fingers reminded me of the pillow I made last winter. The ruffles on Boo weren’t as bad as the pillow’s ruffles, though. I changed to collar ruffle, because the collar I got following the pattern wasn’t the collar in the picture. So I changed it to suit myself, and I just love it. I have some black buttons to sew on it to make it completely finished. Now I have moved on to this Elann sweater that I mentioned here a few months ago.

Last weekend and again on Friday, I did a bit of fabric shopping. I really should stay away from the clearance fabrics aisles, but it so hard when they are on sale. Or if they are just there, begging me to take them home. The sheer one with the lavender flowers begged me. The adorable one next to it was a remnant that screamed ‘little girls NEED me. Take me to them NOW.’ It has white butterflies embroidered on it.

The flowery fabric above was on the clearance aisle for a year. It isn’t anymore, because I decided to quit eyeballing it and just the bring it all home with me already. I gave everyone else plenty of opportunities to love it. Now it is all mine. I’m a worse fabric addict than I am a yarn addict.

I want to congratulate Rebecca on getting married yesterday. May you have many, many years of happiness!