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This is my new project, the BSU sweater. I have lots of boring old plain stockinett stitch to do before I get to the lettering. Knitting Ganseys has some lettering charts, but I don’t think they are going to make hefty enough letters for this sweater. I will probably use them as a guide for the letters I will put on the sweater. Hopefully one ball of yarn will do the job, because the color way seems to have been discontinued since I got the yarn early this spring. I do need to decide pretty soon where I am going to place the letters, because I will need to measure on my husband to get the body length.

Below is something I found growing in the pumpkin patch. Seriously, needles and all. Ok, not really, but it’s a fun picture rather than the boring everyday sock in progress picture. I am really liking this pink with black.


Naturally, since I have started my new project, I am thinking ahead to my next possible project. It was going to be a sweater with the red and white cotton pictured in my sidebar. I saw a sweater on a blog last summer that I loved. It had been based on a pattern, but was completely unlike the original. I wanted one similar. So, I found a pattern that seemed like it would work, and bought the yarn last fall. The yarn wasn’t what was used in said pattern, but I was sure it would work out. My gauge swatch says I was WRONG. So I am just going to design the thing from scratch all by myself. It may still be my next project. If not, I will make a Crinkle. I swatched for it a couple weeks ago and it is dead on.


Suzi left a comment asking about how I blocked all those points on my red sweater. I just pressed them out with my hands on the towel. I did quite a bit of pulling tugging the sweater into shape since it is a lace pattern. Wool is pretty good about staying in the shape you block it to. The sweater is pretty comfy, too. We have been having some very cool mornings, so I’ve worn it the past 2 mornings. I got rid of the towel under it after the top side seemed pretty dry. Later on I turned the sweater over so the bottom would get dry. I still need to weave in the ends of yarn hanging off all the points and graft the sleeves. But I hate finish work. It is so tedious when I could be wearing the thing already. Or in this case, I am wearing it already.


Oohh, designing from scratch? How cool, can't wait to see that. I'm sure you'll come up with something interesting!

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