Knitting Some History

Last week or the week before, I mentioned here that I had a new spoiler for secret pal. She has already sent me a fabulous, wonderful package. Thank you so much, Suzi!

The outside of the box had this printed on it:

What can I say? I followed the directions to a T.

Before I go into it more, I have to say that I love history. Suzi didn’t know that, so she didn’t know what a great gift she was sending me. She sent me the American Red Cross Knit Kit and their World War II era knitting patterns. It is so cool!

In addition to that, she sent some cd’s of her husband’s music, a cool little reel with a clip on it, and a hilarious knitting card. The inside of the card says “I have 248 more in my kitchen cupboard”. I love it. What’s not to love about knitting humor?

This is the inside of the knit kit:

The needles are a size 3.25 mm, which I believe is a US 3. I already think I know what socks that yarn is going to be used for. My husband isn’t getting that lovely green. Being a woman, my feet are too small for the Red Cross pattern. I don’t remember the name of the socks, but they appeared in an IK a few years ago and I’ve been wanting to make them. In fact, they are on my list of socks I want to make.

My lovely red sweater is still coming along nicely. I have already finished one sleeve and have started the other. I am making them ¾ length so they don’t get in the way in the kitchen. I feel that I may live in this sweater when cool weather returns. I’ll post a picture of it with my next post.


Anonymous said…
Glad you enjoyed it! I swapped out the needles for metal since it was more authentic than the cheap plastic ones. I also added the red sweater needle keepers. I got the kit myself, I haven't made the socks yet. I am probably making them for a former soldier, my dad for Christmas.
How fun, what a great package to get in the mail!!
I used the sock kit to make socks for my dad for Christmas. He's a history buff and got a kick (literally) out of me using a vintage pattern and a reissued yarn on the socks. Enjoy.
Melinda said…
How cute that is a neat package!
Lone Knitter said…
What a cool gift! It looks like a lot of fun and history learning. I got your squares, and they are gorgeous. Thank you so much! I also loved the card you sent. Can I share what you wrote? If not, I totally understand. It really touched me. Thank you.

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