Red Sweater Progress Report

I can’t believe I am almost done with my red sweater. This has to be a sweater knitting record for me. Both sleeves are finished and the directions say to knit 4 inches after you start the body again. I may knit a little farther. It looks like this sweater is only going to use a fraction of the yarn I bought, too. I did shorten the sleeves, but they should still go below my elbows. Now I will tell you about the mistake I made. I only did half of the lace pattern for the sleeves. Part of it was on one page, part of it on the next page. I love the scalloped look of what I got, though. If I don’t like it after I block it, I can always rip the sleeves back and redo them in the correct pattern. I bought 8 balls of yarn and I have used about half of it. I think the pattern says 7 balls of aran weight. I am using worsted weight and bought an extra ball just in case.

I am getting so close to being done with that sweater that I am just itching to start the sweater for my husband. It will be called the BSU sweater. The gauge swatch has even been done. I’m using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless Sweater from Knitting Without Tears. With saddle shoulders because I’ve never done them before.

I wanted to learn 5 new techniques this year, so saddle shoulders can be #2. My first technique was toe up socks. Probably I should be keeping track somewhere to make sure I get 5 techniques in before the end of the year. Actually, there was another one I learned on this sweater. I need to keep track.


Rebecca said…
Wow - your sweater is going so fast - it looks fabulous - so exciting!

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