A Finished Boo

It is SO hot here. My husband is working on our sprinkler system this weekend, so the plants are having to suffer on through. Not that they seem to be suffering much. I’ve been staying in the cool and knitting on my new sweater project. Nothing like a NEW project to start the heat of summer off!

Friday morning I finished up Boo. My aching fingers reminded me of the pillow I made last winter. The ruffles on Boo weren’t as bad as the pillow’s ruffles, though. I changed to collar ruffle, because the collar I got following the pattern wasn’t the collar in the picture. So I changed it to suit myself, and I just love it. I have some black buttons to sew on it to make it completely finished. Now I have moved on to this Elann sweater that I mentioned here a few months ago.

Last weekend and again on Friday, I did a bit of fabric shopping. I really should stay away from the clearance fabrics aisles, but it so hard when they are on sale. Or if they are just there, begging me to take them home. The sheer one with the lavender flowers begged me. The adorable one next to it was a remnant that screamed ‘little girls NEED me. Take me to them NOW.’ It has white butterflies embroidered on it.

The flowery fabric above was on the clearance aisle for a year. It isn’t anymore, because I decided to quit eyeballing it and just the bring it all home with me already. I gave everyone else plenty of opportunities to love it. Now it is all mine. I’m a worse fabric addict than I am a yarn addict.

I want to congratulate Rebecca on getting married yesterday. May you have many, many years of happiness!


Lone Knitter said…
Yay for another finished object! The boo sweater is adorable. It's also incredibly hot in Texas, but I hear it's no better in NYC. sigh.
Rebecca said…
Thank you so much for the congratulations - the wedding went really well. I am glad it's over, though!

I am so excited to see that Elann sweater - what a fabulous pattern! That will be so versatile, too. Do you have the yarn and color already?

Boo came out great - the ruffle gives it an extra element of cuteness. I didn't realize that ruffles were a pain - ah, my limited knitting.

I am laughing at your fabric addiction - I think over half of the boxes we moved had fabric in them. I think fabric is a healthy addiction.

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