Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belle and Zoe

Who needs knitting when there is this much adorable goatiness to behold?



Can we jump on it?

It feels so good to have baby animals to feed again. When I lived on the farm, I fed all of our dairy calves. Whether there was 1 or 20. The kids were born on the 1st and 4th of April, so they are pretty little. They aren’t eating solids yet, just nibbling here and there.

Something appalling happened here today. My oldest child lost her first tooth. And this weekend, she is going to a friend’s birthday party. A friend from school whose parents I have never even met. I rsvp’d to a kid when I called the phone number on the invitation. I hope the parents know we’re coming.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gardening Begins...

The last time I posted, I mentioned a book I had seen about how to do all sorts of things.. It turns out that our library has it. It has lots of stuff in it, but is not as spectacular as I had hoped. I already know how to do or make half the things listed in the book. It wouldn’t be worth buying, but maybe worth checking out of the library.

My Accordion sweater is almost done. I am working on the collar. For the shoulders, I used the 3 needle bind off. The ribbing pattern doesn’t match, but that’s ok. Once I finish the collar, I will only have to sew on the sleeves and zipper. It will be done just in time for summer to arrive. Maybe this year I will actually knit up the kids’ mittens and hats in the summer. Maybe.

I haven’t gotten a lot of sewing and knitting done lately. I’ve been busy with other things. It seems like all my time is taken up with gardening and such things. Like this project:

We are putting raised beds in the garden. Right now, we have 3 done and planted. Once again, the garden is new and there are high hopes for all the goodies that will be produced and eaten. The weeds won’t take over, and it will be a delight to behold. Dreams CAN come true…

Last Saturday, we took a little drive to see a lady about a goat or two:

These are the little darlings that we will be returning to get this evening. They are mini La Manchas. In case you think there is something missing from their heads, La Manchas have no ears. And, yes, they can hear. I think the little brown one is the most beautiful little creature I have ever seen. I will post more pictures when we get them home.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

What? Nice Weather?

Something really weird happened today. We met our friends at the park today and it was nice the whole time we were there. The rest of the day was pretty much nasty. Generally, it works the opposite.

I now have 2 projects I’ve been asked to make for other people. My brother wanted to give our pal, Hillary, a cloche hat for her birthday. He went to the store and they were all gone. So, I am now charged with making one. Silly stores thinking people don’t want wool hats year round… This one will be way cooler than one bought from a store, anyway.

Today I got some junk mail from one of those book club places and it had this intriguing book in it. It was a Reader’s Digest book on how to make things you might normally buy. It sounds very cool, but I’d like to see it before buying it. I would hate it if the book turned out to be full of things I already know how to make. You know, like pie crust, biscuit mix, or my own mittens. Hopefully the online booksellers have good reviews about it. My favorite reviews are always the people that don’t like the book. I like to go straight to the 1 star reviews and see what their gripes are. Cutting to the chase, I guess. It’s easy to find the good reviews, best to find the people that didn’t like the product.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I LOVE Books!

I got these fabulous books in the mail a while back:

I have been drooling over Selbuvotter ever since it came out. Now I am dying to make some mittens. You can never have enough charts for fair isle knitting. Never. This book also has pictures of samples of the chart so you can see what the pattern looks like. I think that is very handy. I have to admit, I have had this picture on my camera for 2 weeks, and in that time barely looked at the Fair Isle book and Poems of Color. They are books that I feel will become very useful in the future. Sweater Knitting in Plain English was got at a bargain price of about a dollar. I got it at the library book sale in February. Sadly, it was the only knitting book I found. And it was donated for the sale! Can you imagine? Giving a knitting book away?!

I’ve done a load of knitting since I last posted and am now nearly finished with my Accordion. I had an idea that I might finish it during spring break last week, but things conspired against me. My husband went back to work after a month and a half of being a good and dutiful house husband. I had to drive to meet my mother in law to give her one of my children for a couple days. And you’d think less kids would make for more knitting time, but it doesn’t. Especially when the youngest child is lonely and cries over petty things because she misses her sister. (sorta sweet, really) I did manage to get some sewing finished up. I was a little worried Brent would only be back to work for a couple days and I have a hard time sewing when he is hanging around the house.

Today is the first day of the month, but I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I haven’t lost any weight this month. Running this month didn’t really work out so well. March weather is really iffy, so I only ran a few times. Excuses, excuses. Right now I am trying to get back on track lifting weights and doing yoga every day. My schedule hasn’t been allowing me to do my favorite, Namaste Yoga on FitTV very often, so I ordered a new DVD today.