What? Nice Weather?

Something really weird happened today. We met our friends at the park today and it was nice the whole time we were there. The rest of the day was pretty much nasty. Generally, it works the opposite.

I now have 2 projects I’ve been asked to make for other people. My brother wanted to give our pal, Hillary, a cloche hat for her birthday. He went to the store and they were all gone. So, I am now charged with making one. Silly stores thinking people don’t want wool hats year round… This one will be way cooler than one bought from a store, anyway.

Today I got some junk mail from one of those book club places and it had this intriguing book in it. It was a Reader’s Digest book on how to make things you might normally buy. It sounds very cool, but I’d like to see it before buying it. I would hate it if the book turned out to be full of things I already know how to make. You know, like pie crust, biscuit mix, or my own mittens. Hopefully the online booksellers have good reviews about it. My favorite reviews are always the people that don’t like the book. I like to go straight to the 1 star reviews and see what their gripes are. Cutting to the chase, I guess. It’s easy to find the good reviews, best to find the people that didn’t like the product.


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