Gardening Begins...

The last time I posted, I mentioned a book I had seen about how to do all sorts of things.. It turns out that our library has it. It has lots of stuff in it, but is not as spectacular as I had hoped. I already know how to do or make half the things listed in the book. It wouldn’t be worth buying, but maybe worth checking out of the library.

My Accordion sweater is almost done. I am working on the collar. For the shoulders, I used the 3 needle bind off. The ribbing pattern doesn’t match, but that’s ok. Once I finish the collar, I will only have to sew on the sleeves and zipper. It will be done just in time for summer to arrive. Maybe this year I will actually knit up the kids’ mittens and hats in the summer. Maybe.

I haven’t gotten a lot of sewing and knitting done lately. I’ve been busy with other things. It seems like all my time is taken up with gardening and such things. Like this project:

We are putting raised beds in the garden. Right now, we have 3 done and planted. Once again, the garden is new and there are high hopes for all the goodies that will be produced and eaten. The weeds won’t take over, and it will be a delight to behold. Dreams CAN come true…

Last Saturday, we took a little drive to see a lady about a goat or two:

These are the little darlings that we will be returning to get this evening. They are mini La Manchas. In case you think there is something missing from their heads, La Manchas have no ears. And, yes, they can hear. I think the little brown one is the most beautiful little creature I have ever seen. I will post more pictures when we get them home.


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