I LOVE Books!

I got these fabulous books in the mail a while back:

I have been drooling over Selbuvotter ever since it came out. Now I am dying to make some mittens. You can never have enough charts for fair isle knitting. Never. This book also has pictures of samples of the chart so you can see what the pattern looks like. I think that is very handy. I have to admit, I have had this picture on my camera for 2 weeks, and in that time barely looked at the Fair Isle book and Poems of Color. They are books that I feel will become very useful in the future. Sweater Knitting in Plain English was got at a bargain price of about a dollar. I got it at the library book sale in February. Sadly, it was the only knitting book I found. And it was donated for the sale! Can you imagine? Giving a knitting book away?!

I’ve done a load of knitting since I last posted and am now nearly finished with my Accordion. I had an idea that I might finish it during spring break last week, but things conspired against me. My husband went back to work after a month and a half of being a good and dutiful house husband. I had to drive to meet my mother in law to give her one of my children for a couple days. And you’d think less kids would make for more knitting time, but it doesn’t. Especially when the youngest child is lonely and cries over petty things because she misses her sister. (sorta sweet, really) I did manage to get some sewing finished up. I was a little worried Brent would only be back to work for a couple days and I have a hard time sewing when he is hanging around the house.

Today is the first day of the month, but I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I haven’t lost any weight this month. Running this month didn’t really work out so well. March weather is really iffy, so I only ran a few times. Excuses, excuses. Right now I am trying to get back on track lifting weights and doing yoga every day. My schedule hasn’t been allowing me to do my favorite, Namaste Yoga on FitTV very often, so I ordered a new DVD today.


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