Thursday, June 29, 2006

No New Pictures

No new pictures. I have gotten to the split for the front and back on Rose. Maybe a picture tomorrow. I am currently obsessed with the idea of getting a hand spindle and spinning my own yarn. I keep going and looking at painted roving. I picture it as sweaters or more often, brightly colored socks. The sort that make most men get a headache, heh heh. Then I wonder if I need another book on spinning or will it just be a waste of money..... And then I begin to ponder spinning wheels. I have plenty of knitting to do, so then I make myself go knit. Or do housework.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shipping Horrors

What a weekend we had here. Friday morning we woke up with a little sick knitter. Everytime we thought she was getting over it, she would throw up again. Poor kid. It was sure quiet with out her telling her little sister how to act and generally acting like a 3 year old. Sunday night we knew she was over her illness when she threw a tantrum and didn't want to come back indoors.

Rose is coming along. Not as quickly as I would like, though. Some days you just don't get to knit as much as you would like. I am closing in on where you starting working the back and fronts separately. I will feel in the homestretch then. Hopefully by the time I finished I will have the knitting needle I will be needing for the ladybug sweater. I am finding myself in a quandry about where to buy it. It can't be had locally, so it is by mail order. And I hate to pay shipping. I know several companies that have free shipping if you buy a certain amount. However, I don't need MORE yarn. I need LESS yarn. Sadly, I will probably have to bite the bullet and pay shipping. The horror!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some More Craftiness

This is the vast number of cross stitches I own that want to be made. One of the larger ones is in progress and has been for several years. How many years? Let's just leave it at several. I think I am going to start working on it again.

I have left the dratted lace pattern behind on my sweater project, so I have made lots of progress. No pictures, though.

On to the sewing I would like to do..... I've had an urge recently to sew myself some things. Besides that skirt that hasn't been made yet. I have cleaned all the plant growing things off the craft/art table, so the sky is the limit now. The sewing machine can take center stage now if it so wishes. I'll have to find what I want to make. There are some things I already have, and some that I don't. No marathon sewing, I guess.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is Betty

Meet my friend Betty. Her full name is Brown Betty. She moved here from Britain by rather secretive means. I met her several years ago in a Cost Plus store. We have been very tight ever since. In the background is a felted tea cozy from Knitter's Stash. It is supposed to look like a cottage, but I have never bothered to finish it. The door and shutters are floating around in my pantry somewhere.

There is also a picture of the current wip, Rose. The going is easier now, but I still haven't gotten much more done on a daily basis. It is a pretty little sweater. And pretty soon it will be hot out and the littlest knitter might need it here in the cold indoors. I noticed that the leaf edges in my version do not look like the picture in the book. I am not sure if I want to bother with making them look the same or not. I worked out how to do it, I am just not sure if it is worth the trouble. We'll see, I guess.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The DPN Search

I don't think I am going to meet the personal deadline I have set for finishing Rose and starting the next project. I haven't done more than 2 rows a day recently. At that rate I will be using the sweater to dress up a doll. I have discovered that I need to buy a circular needle for the next sweater. That led to the dpn search. The dpn search turned up nearly all of the missing dpn's that I hadn't seen in ages. It is nice to know that I am not crazy. I really did have all those needles after all. Once upon a time I thoughtfully bought them in every size I could possibly ever need. Unfortunately, one set is missing a needle. They are the kind that have 4 to a set, so there is no squeaking by with just the needles that are there. Maybe I will be lucky and it will turn up on the black hole that is my desk. Things fall in, but they never come out.

I am already wishing I could start on the next sweater project. Sigh. I am just not enamoured with the lace pattern at the bottom of this one. I am almost done with that part, thankfully. The pattern was complicated enough that I had to keep checking the chart rather than being able to remember the repeat. I haven't done much lace knitting. Soon the bottom pattern will be done and I can enjoy the rest of the sweater.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bad Italics

There is a reason I made this into 2 posts. I was stuck in italics. I couldn't wish them goodbye for anything.

Anyway, as I was going to say..... One down, several to go. All that yarn I have to knit up may take a while. The sweater I just made didn't take near as much as the pattern suggested. And I bought enough to make that sweater for the littlest knitter, too. With different trim colors. Maybe these Dale patterns are closer on the amounts.

We are having cool weather. No over heating around these parts. Perhaps next week during the local festival. Every small town has their festival. Ours nearly guarantees the out of town musicians a violent thunder storm. At the very least it will have to turn oppressively hot.


Finally, the sweater for a little knitter in training is ready. Well, sort of. It isn't dry yet. She was very excited about it. Now I have started a sweater called Rose for the other little knitter. It is from the Dale of Norway book Soft Treasures for Little Ones.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Much Knitting, So Little Time

I am getting close on knitter #2's sweater. Half way through the second sleeve. That will leave button bands, collar and sewing seams. Hopefully I can finish quickly and start on the next project. I worry the little knitters will outgrow things before I get them finished. That wouldn't be very nice. There are always so many things you want to make and so little time. There will be pictures when I finish the sweater.

How about some fowl news. The peacock was either munched by a wild animal or he ran away. I bet he went off to find some women because the duck wasn't too impressed with his manly displays. We have baby chickens, too. I am not sure whether to be happy or not. I just want eggs. Plenty of eggs.

I am thinking of trying crewel embroidery. As if I don't have enough projects lined up. Perhaps I will do all of them first. Yeah, that was a joke. Yesterday I bought two cross stitching kits to make for the little knitters. Maybe by the time they are married......

At least the garden is beginning to thrive. We are growing peanuts for the first time. Hopefully they will be fun and my husband will want to do it again. I like to find things he enjoys. Last year I got him an ice cream maker for Father's Day and he never has used it. He kept talking about how we needed one so he and knitter #2 could have fun making ice cream. I had fun making ice cream. My husband works very hard and deserves fun, so here's hoping he enjoys his peanuts.